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Tuition + Private Queen Cabin Partial Approval - $775.00

Includes 4 nights accommodation, food and shared bathroom facilities

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Tuition + Shared Twin Cabin Partial Approval - $650.00

Includes 4 nights accommodation, food and shared bathroom facilities

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Tuition + Shared Quad Cabin Partial Approval - $575.00

Includes 4 nights accommodation, food and shared bathroom facilities

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Event Information

Thu, 31 January 2019, 4:00 PM - Mon, 04 February 2019, 10:00 AM [MST]

About the Event

Create Space Retreats offer a sparkling container for exploring flow consciousness and igniting creative freedom. This five day Guatemala journey is designed to awaken the subtle receptors within us that ‘plug us in;’ to our center, to nature and to our sacred creative expression. Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional or creative blockages, or simply looking for reconnection and space, this magical retreat offers a haven of inspiration.


All of life is creation. It is our nature to create new ideas, and whether we are designing our bedroom, our six month plan, or our life, the way we harness our life force and human creativity is key to unlocking our most expansive version of ourselves.


Accessing our natural state of flow comes from deep connection and unity of our body, mind and spirit. When life feels stagnant, painful or disconnected, it is often the product of overthinking and lack of presence, causing resistance, worry, fear and indecision. Aligning ourselves with the movement of life force through us frees up our creative impulse and evokes a limitless state, where manifestation happens effortlessly and things seem to just… flow.


By creating space, we allow new creation. Fed by wide open views, simple and sustainable living and energy-activating practices such as yoga, dance and ceremony, we spark the wonder back into our daily experience. With a schedule designed to help you open up to the flow of expression, and a setting that induces awe, this is an opportunity to truly come back to your center.  

About the Organizer

Internationally-acclaimed facilitator Jiya Julia Randall has many years of experience training yogis and teachers and leading groups in transformational work. Jiya is a talented and vibrant facilitator, offering the ancient practices of yoga and shamanic ceremony, alongside creative expression for the purpose of holistic healing and empowerment. She places breath as the main focus of yoga practice and is passionate about utilizing yoga as a therapy for the body and mind. She teaches from the philosophy that through precise alignment of the body, and free flow of the creative life force, alignment of thought, word and action can follow, leading to greater focus and a deeper connection to our true life's purpose.

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