CreateSpace Shamanic Creativity Retreat Guatemala February 2020

Sat, 01 February 2020, 4:00 PM - Sat, 08 February 2020, 10:00 AM [MST]


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Second Payment - Shared Partial Approval - $500.00

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Nikki Holtzman private space with discount Partial Approval - $1,375.00

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Pay In Full with $100 discount - Tuition + Private Room Partial Approval - $1,475.00

Includes 7 nights accommodation, food and shared bathroom facilities

Pay in Full w $100 discount - Tuition + Shared Cabin Partial Approval - $1,175.00

Sales end on - 04/02/2020

Includes 7 nights accommodation, food and shared bathroom facilities

Kula Graduate - Shared Cabin Partial Approval - $1,050.00

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Second payment Kula graduate Partial Approval - $550.00

Sales end on - 01/02/2020

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Jan second payment Partial Approval - $737.50

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Event Information

Sat, 01 February 2020, 4:00 PM - Sat, 08 February 2020, 10:00 AM [MST]

About the Event

Whatever the form of creative expression, it is encapsulated in the state of flow consciousness, a trance-like state of divine connection where time and space disappear and a portal is opened for channelling. The Shamanic Creativity Retreat offers a sparkling container for tapping into a shamanic state of connection to ignite creative freedom. Fed by the wide open views of the stunning Lake Atitlan, one of the most energetically powerful places in the world, this week-long Guatemala journey is designed to awaken the subtle receptors within us that ‘plug us in’ to nature, ourselves and to our sacred creative expression.

Dive deep using the indigenous medicine of cacao to sharpen your sensitivity and open your awareness. Explore shamanic techniques such as journeying, visualization, fire ceremony, medicine walks and traditional temezcal sauna ceremony with medicine songs from around the world. Work through the four directions of the Andean medicine wheel to draw up fuel from within. Activate your energy through practices such as yoga, dance, creative writing, musical jam, freeflow art, kirtan and flow consciousness exercises, based around themes designed to help you go deeper into your spiritual and creative process. Connect with the land and the lake through a memorable sunrise paddleboard journey, as well as free time in local indigenous villages, markets and in the beautiful Yoga Forest grounds.

Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional or creative blockages, or simply looking for reconnection and space, this magical retreat offers a haven of inspiration. We will work with you to support your creative visions and offer a space for cultivating energy, imagination and motivation around your manifestations.

Spark the wonder back into your daily experience. By creating space, we allow new creation.

Highlights of the Shamanic Creativity Retreat...


  • Daily yoga in the Yoga Forest’s sought-after Shakti Shala, with awe-inspiring views overlooking volcanos and highland Lake Atitlan

  • Daily ceremonial cacao and intention setting, through the four directions of the medicine wheel

  • Shamanic Journeying to reveal our inner source of power and inspiration

  • Art, music, writing, movement, mindfulness, sound healing, freestyle spoken word and visualization

  • Temezcal in traditional stone sauna

  • Sunrise Paddleboarding

  • Fire ceremonies in an ancient Mayan sacred cave for release and manifestation

  • Hike through coffee fields and forests to a local spring

  • Inspiration from like-minded beings and stunning natural environment

  • Personal CreateSpace art project with support from facilitators

  • Self-inquiry and personal reflective practices to unplug the flow

  • Sustainable living and pure vegetarian cuisine in simple, beautiful Yoga Forest

About the Organizer

Internationally-acclaimed facilitator Jiya Julia Randall has many years of experience training yogis and teachers and leading groups in transformational work. Jiya is a talented and vibrant facilitator, offering the ancient practices of yoga and shamanic ceremony, alongside creative expression for the purpose of holistic healing and empowerment. She places breath as the main focus of yoga practice and is passionate about utilizing yoga as a therapy for the body and mind. She teaches from the philosophy that through precise alignment of the body, and free flow of the creative life force, alignment of thought, word and action can follow, leading to greater focus and a deeper connection to our true life's purpose.

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