(SOLD OUT) Sound Ceremony | 100hr Initiation Certification Course | MARCH 2020 | Guatemala

Sat, 28 March 2020, 3:30 PM - Sat, 11 April 2020, 4:30 AM [CAST]

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Sat, 28 March 2020, 3:30 PM - Sat, 11 April 2020, 4:30 AM [CAST]


S O U N D — B R E A T H — F R E E D O M

From Listening to Presence, 
From Sound to Silence

"Music without words means leaving behind the mind and leaving behind the mind is meditation. 
Meditation returns you to the source and the source of all is sound."    —Kabir

Are you excited about Sacred Sound and all of its mystical components?

Then get ready to dive deep into a unique international course pioneering the powerful world of Sound Healing!

* The ancient art of healing with sound is quickly growing in popularity throughout the world as many are hearing the call to quiet down the mind,
pull the reigns on their routines to listen and enquire into a deeper rhythm of life.

Do you hear the Call?

We certainly all know that music affects us on many levels.
It is as simple as remembering our teenage years or the way our eyes glaze over as if seeing a long lost lover when a sweet and nostalgic piece comes on the radio.

Two and a half thousand years ago the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras utilized sound as a form of medicine treating a variety of ailments and we can trace this idea back further and outward across continents, cultures, and ages right into something we know in our hearts: Sound Heals.

As cutting edge as this modality might seem, there is nothing new about Sound Healing and its Power to pierce the veil of thoughts, open our hearts and initiate a higher contemplation on what this all is, what we are and who we are.

In this training you will learn how to journey into a deep meditative inquiry on the Source of all Sound and from there find many tools to assist in shifting frequencies, healing emotional and psychological scars and opening parts of the heart and mind that you never knew existed! As well as being proficient in sharing this art form with your community!

Come traverse the sphere of your consciousness and create the space for transformation to take place.

Some day music will be the means of expressing universal religion.
Time is wanted for this, but there will come a day when music and its philosophy will become the religion of humanity.”
—Hazrat Inyat Khan

Who is this course for?

**This course is for anyone, because Sound is for everyone!**


Very simply, if you have an inkling to be here then this is for you!

  • You do not need previous experience or understanding
  • You do not need to read music or be musical
  • You do not need to be a certified Yoga Teacher

Your willingness and interest is enough. ALL LEVELS are welcome.


There is something for everyone in this course whether you:


  • Have been moved by the Power of Sound or are yet to experience is depth
  • Are a musicians or just discovering your musicality
  • Are a healer or in the process of healing yourself
  • Are a therapist and wishing to further your education or tool-set
  • Are a Yogi or Yoga Teacher seeking to bring sound to your classes and gain 100 hrs Continuing Education
  • Are a Meditator looking to deepen your expression of Samadhi
  • Are a Mystic, Poet, Psychologist, Philosopher, Teacher, Medical Worker, Medicine Worker or Song Carrier
  • If you are ready to shift and lift; to open, ignite and sing your heart-song and to listen to the subtleties of stillness and silence in the in-between then we welcome you.


What are the benefits of this application of Sound?

Some benefits may include:

  • Reduce stress and relief from fatigue, pain, addiction, compulsive thinking, insomnia through deep relaxation and promotion of healthy endorphins
  • Accelerate the healing process
  • lower blood pressure
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Increased sense of calm
  • Alleviation from anxiety
  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Liberate emotional traumas stored within the body/mind complexes
  • Deconstruct negative patterns
  • Enhances homeostasis
  • Bring release to emotional imbalance
  • Remove blockages and facilitate free flow of energy channels – meridians, nerves, & blood vessels
  • Promotes creative potential
  • Expand the capacity for love, peacefulness and happiness within oneself
  • Increased concentration, focus and attention

What will you learn?

  • The art and practices from the Contemplative East to the Wisdom of the Shamanic South
  • An introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Theory and practice of Nada, Bhakti & Mantra Yoga
  • Art of Ecstatic Kirtan and Mantra Practice
  • The healing power of Sound, therapeutic application for yourself and others
  • How to shake off your shackles, unbridle and face your fears
  • How to locate and sound for yourself and others the energetic centers (chakras) of the body
  • How to incorporate sound into classes
  • How to hold space for transformation
  • How to facilitate sound & singing circles & ceremonies
  • Introduction and use of sacred instruments
  • Voice Medicine—Tuning, Toning, Chanting
  • How to work with Cacao in Ceremonial settings


Nada Yoga,
Discover the Sound Being in the Yoga of Sound & Deep Listening. The philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of what Nada Yoga is and how tofine tune it into our lives through Meditation, contemplation & introspection.

Bhakti Yoga,
Dive into Ecstatic Devotion and dissolve the small self into the big Self with the art and practice of Bhakti Yoga. Here we discover the Sacred through intention, ritual, ceremony, offering and of course lots of singing & chanting!

Mantra Yoga,
Deepen your understanding and experience of the Power of Mantra Yoga and how it can serve as a valuable tool and technology to focus the mind and illuminate the heart!

Shamanic Sound, 
Journey through the subtle body with deep cleansing, emotional release & empowerment. Awaken to the healer inside through embodiment practices with the help of nature and the elemental forces as we move through an intentional framework each day.


Objectives & Outcomes

  • Demonstrate, understand and share the philosophies of Sound Yoga and its potential for self-realization
  • Develop an effective practice for working with Sound
  • Deepen your meditation and awareness on Nad
  • Feel comfortable sharing sound with groups
  • Learn traditional Vedic Mantras and their meanings
  • Explore song traditions for singing circles and kirtans
  • Ability to give one on one and group sound healing sessions
  • Explore the range and possibilities of your voice
  • Instruction on the proper use of sacred instruments
  • Artful application of Breath, circular breathing and Didjeridoo 
  • The development of the inner ear and subtle listening
  • Explore the connection of sound and silence
  • To grow through processes of self-transformation

Bonus Material!

  • Work through intentional cycles everyday inspired by Transpersonal Psychology
  • Daily YOGA, Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) and Meditation with experienced teachers
  • Bonus SONG BOOK with over FIVE HUNDRED mantras, prayers, English, Spanish,Portuguese Medicine Songs!
  • Fire Ceremony, Water Blessing Ceremony, Air Prayer Ceremony & Earth Ceremonies connecting to the Elements
  • Cacao! Sacred heart-opening chocolate Ceremonies!
  • Instrument Introductions! Learn how to play ancestral and ethnic instruments with guidance from teachers
  • Breathwork Ceremony
  • Kundalini & Ashtanga Yoga introductions
  • Improv singing circles and voice-medicine work
  • Ecstatic Kirtan & Sacred Chant circles
  • Five Rhythms Guided Dance Therapy
  • Non-traditional Temescal Sweat Lodge (sauna)
  • Traditional Shamanic Herbal Plant Baths
  • And of course, enough space to integrate and make sense of all the wonderful things you will be learning in the lush setting of a gorgeous retreat center

*** Sacred Instrument offerings***

You do not have to play any instrument(s), however if you do, you are most welcome to bring it along to share.
AND, due to our relationship with CRYSTAL TONES sing bowls and MEINL SONIC ENERGY series we will have many beautiful instruments for sale and ready for you to try, buy and take home if you so desire.

Pricing & Registration

  • **$2150 ALL INCLUSIVE of:
  • Delicious Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day
  • Comfortable shared accommodation
  • Full use of the Center and equipment
  • All linen and towels
  • Housekeeping
  • Complimentary concierge service organising airport transfers and excursions



  • All Tuition
  • Course Content
  • Contact hours
  • Ceremonies
  • Certification


***EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $200 OFF, if paid in full before six months prior to training***

Private accommodations can be requested for a $300 upgrade fee to a Private Room.

Please see http://www.theyogaforest.org/accommodations/ for more information.


***Sign up now and reserve your place with the initial deposit***


Payment Options

  • *US$400 deposit (non-refundable & transferable) required to hold your place (via Eventzilla)
  • *Payment to be settled 30 days prior to course commencement
  • *Bank Transfer to Bank of America USD Account


Due to a high volume of interest in these courses, please understand the following policy;
  1. -Deposit is non refundable, but is transferable, to another SC course to be used within 18 months of cancellation date as outlined below. Deposits/payments are not transferable to other participant registrations.
  2. -Full payment is required to be settled prior to 30 days before the start date of the training, via bank transfer. Details will be outlined in your Welcome Packet.
  1. -Transfer to another SC course with more than 30 days notice, 100% credit of deposit/payments towards another program
  2. -Transfer to another SC course with 14-30 days notice, 50% credit of deposit/payments towards another program
  3. -For less than 14 days notice, no credit of deposit/payments applies towards another program
  4. -For transfers; you will be placed on a TRANSFER LIST, for a transfer validity of 18 months. When you are ready to confirm registration for the course you would like to join in the future, you are required to submit the full remaining balance for that course. Without full payment, your place will not be held for the program
  1. -Full cancellation of training more than 90 days of course commencement, 100% refund of applies (less deposit amount)
  2. -Full cancellation of training within 31-90 days of course commencement, 75% refund applies (less deposit amount)
  3. -Full cancellation of training within 15-30 days of course commencement, 50% refund applies (less deposit amount)
  4. -Full cancellation of training within 14 days of course commencement, no refund or transfer applies


Jayananda & Saraswati together are dedicated practitioners, educators and wisdom keepers with years of experience facilitating courses, retreats and workshops internationally and at their home retreat center The Yoga Forest, Guatemala, where they receive guests and students from all around the world. www.jayasaraswati.com | www.theyogaforest.com | www.sound-ceremony.com | www.thekulacollective.com

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