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Thursday, 22 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Thursday, 22 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Many call centres offer the most challenging and dynamic work. This is particularly true for the customer service agent. He is often considered to be the link between customer and company and therefore is the most important factor in customer experience. This dynamic agent can have new experiences and challenges, but it also opens up the door to new opportunities. Competency is therefore both an ideal and a necessity. This training course was designed to assist call centre agents and customer service representatives in achieving high competence. It teaches them critical thinking skills and self-motivation techniques that will help them in their daily tasks.

Customer service is essential and sometimes difficult to provide. They often determine the fate of customer loyalty, profit margins, and profits. Employees must show a level of professionalism and attention to detail that rivals that of soldiers fighting in battle. This course will help employees understand this universal need. It will teach them how to be more resilient through self-help. How to ask the right questions in a customer-oriented way. How to think quickly and logically in an environment that demands efficiency and speed. How to address angry customers. This training course can also be incorporated into a customized training session to address the needs of your team.

How to be impressive

In a positive way, we show clients how to be remembered. These are the little things that will make a huge difference in how your client feels.

How to help clients remember their names

Are you having trouble remembering the names of people? Is your customer/client having trouble remembering your name? This article will give you insight into the brain and show you how to remember names better.

Clients will feel immediately at ease by mirroring

It is important to learn how to use your body language and tone to build trusting relationships. This demonstrates how we naturally mirror other people, and we can use that foundation to our advantage in building better relationships.

How to read body language signals

It is crucial to understand the signals your customers/clients are sending you. This session will improve your communication skills overall.

To use questioning techniques

You can use questions to get information, but also to control. Find out how Psychology behind questioning techniques can help us communicate better.

Prioritize the customer's needs

Clients will feel more comfortable if they can identify their needs earlier. Conflict will be easier to resolve. This session will teach you some amazing skills.

Closing techniques for a lasting impression

It is possible to close conversations well. You can create the WOW factor for your clients and positively impact their impressions if you do it correctly.

Keep in touch

How to keep in touch with clients/customers without making them feel uncomfortable or harassed. It's easy to change your message and contact.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing): Creating experiences

NLP – The language of your mind. This course teaches you how to create positive experiences for your customers/clients without having them. This is a great way to set expectations and help clients learn about your business.

You have more options if you're creating a session with your team


To encourage faster and greater impact, you must understand the key conversations
Information sharing across departments
You should be able to employ proactive service recovery strategies in handling customer service complaints.
Define the negative impact of poor customer experience
Define the relationship between customer expectations and your business
Create a service that combines digital and non-digital interactions
You can use customer experience insights and data in your company to improve your company's performance.
Effective calls to action
Consider what "service" is, and why it is important. This will help you understand the impact that service has on your business, from the perspective of customers, as well the effects of poor service.
Plan the customer journey
Identifying customer touch points crucial
Try to improve customer experience across all business silos and platforms
Learn how to be a leader and take greater control of your customer experience
Increase the loyalty of your customers over time
Participation of workers in creating customer experiences
Make a convincing case to your co-workers and managers for investing in customer experience.
Create content that is engaging with customers
Understanding your customers
Effectively deal with difficult customers
Shifting consumer behaviour
Find opportunities to help your service grow and evolve
Understanding the implications of changing the customer experience internally
Here are seven essential strategic questions that will help you build a great customer experience
Expansion of customer experience throughout the life-cycle
Understanding how layout usability and service design can all help improve customer experience are key factors
An important business strategy to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your company is to analyze customer-focused services
Find out what customer satisfaction means and what they need to expect from the service they receive.
Customer experience throughout the life-cycle
Analyze customer service behaviour and find out what you can to do to help customers.
Communicate the need to create a memorable customer experience
Take a look at the current encounters your customers receive
Customer experience & customer experience management
Get your team to work together on the future vision for your service
Designing an experience across platforms
Psychology: Experience it
The subconscious and emotional experience
To fix any issues with customer experience, examine and improve your internet presence
Profit from the benefits of a better customer experience
You can create a customer experience that is based on best practices strategies.
Your unique point of difference in customer service
Create a personal action plan to implement what you have learned in this course
Recognize all the channels through which your customers interact with your company
Enhance the first impression you make to your customers
Find out your purpose as an intern service associate and identify your internal associates. Then, create a process for building and maintaining effective internal service relationships.
Designing a customer service software: Creating a complete strategy
Long-term relationships with customers
Get a better understanding of your customers and their needs.
You should be able to trace the customer's journey through the organization. This will allow you to identify what you can do to improve the customer experience.
Customer experience execution models
Create a strategy to improve customer experience in your organisation
Learn how your employees impact the customer experience.
Test the encounter
Based on best practices, customer experiences are valued
Supporting a company-wide focus on customer experience
Increase your customer experience knowledge and awareness about areas where you can improve your organisation.
Use a variety of techniques to delight customers
Find out more about how important it is to align your processes, systems and procedures with customer value and what you can do to increase your continuous improvement efforts.
To evaluate how they can be used in your company and customer experiences, measurements, tools, frameworks, develop depth.
Your customer touch points

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