Conflict Resolution Training

Saturday, 17 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Saturday, 17 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Many people see conflict as something that should be avoided. Conflict is an integral part of personal development. Think back to the time you chose between two different courses at School/University. When people are not able to work together, conflict can lead to problems. This type of conflict can cause hurt feelings and negative energy . Participants will be able to resolve conflict efficiently and reach a win-win outcome.

Conflict is part of daily life. Conflict is all around us: at home, at work, with our families, and in every institution or organization. It is this that makes it special. Working well as a team requires conflict resolution. You will learn new skills and techniques as well as how to handle challenging situations. This course is a great tool for any company to improve their workplace's performance. This session is for anyone who wants to master the art and skill that conflict resolution.

Who is this Conflict Training for?

Everyone in the organization, from the frontline employees to managers, will benefit from a deeper understanding and expanded knowledge of conflict management. Participants will be better equipped to help everyone in the workplace get along. You can choose to focus on internal or external conflicts.

How this training will help

Conflict is part of life. This is true for work as well. No matter how big or small an organisation is, there will always be conflicts and disputes. It is crucial to have the skills and knowledge necessary to resolve workplace conflicts before they cause irreparable harm. The course will show how to identify and address the problem in the most professional and effective way possible using the many strategies and techniques that will be presented by professional facilitators.

Your team's ability to manage conflict and resolve it will determine how they handle them. This can have either a positive or negative impact on your company. Your company's image and reputation can be affected by conflict. This training will improve the professionalism of your team when under stress .

The Best Options for Conflict Resolution

How conflict can escalate and what it is.

So employees understand conflict from the start, we help them to build confidence around understanding conflict. We also demonstrate how conflict can quickly escalate without taking appropriate action.

Types of conflict and stages of conflict.

It will be easier to build confidence in the workplace when you learn more about conflict and the types of conflict that participants will encounter. The class uses real-world examples to make it applicable to employees.

These are the five most popular conflict resolution methods and when they should be used.

These are the five most popular conflict resolution methods that you can use to resolve conflict. This session will provide you with some practical skills that can be used to resolve conflict.

How to increase positive information flow using non-verbal and oral communication skills

Miscommunication is a major cause of workplace conflicts. This workshop is packed with super communication skills that will help employees feel comfortable when they have to deal with emotional situations or difficult conversations.

Effective techniques for intervention strategies.

When is it appropriate to intervene? Here are some examples of situations in which staff may need to intervene. We present real scenarios that might occur to help prepare the team for the real world. This session will teach you how to manage conflict professionally.

There are many ways to reduce conflict and improve productivity.

This session will provide additional professional skills to help your employees go beyond basic conflict resolution. This session will result in improved performance and confidence when dealing with conflict situations.

More outcomes available

What topics are covered?

  • Definition of conflict and conflict types
  • Reflective, spontaneous action
  • The Johari window
  • Conflict stages
  • Conflict resolution style questionnaire
  • Communication is the key to conflict resolution. This information includes information about active listening and paraphrasing, asking questions and body language.
  • Conflict/opportunity Testing
  • How to solve conflict
  • Helping others in conflict

Summary of Conflict Resolution Training

The above session will provide the skills and knowledge necessary to quickly and effectively resolve workplace conflicts before they become a threat to your organisation. You and your team will learn new skills and methods that will allow you to manage challenging situations and improve your organization's performance. This specialized training will make your team feel more empowered, less stressed, more confident, and better equipped to handle workplace disputes and conflicts. This course will result in a team who can resolve conflict quickly and can focus on the bigger picture and propelling the organisation to greater heights, rather than arguing over minor issues. You can customize this session to fit your team.

Professional training available in Melbourne, Parramatta and Gold Coast.

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