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Monday, 3 February 2020 9:00 AM - Saturday, 22 February 2020 10:00 AM EST

Writing A Comparison Essay Includes Discussing Similarities and Differences of Alternatives.

Among the different types of essays, writing a comparison essay sharpens our skills useful not only for academic studies but for all aspects of life. This is because they involve considering the similarities and differences of alternatives from which we have to make a choice. This is something which we have to do in our day to day life. When choices have to be made and several alternatives are available, the need to consider the similarities and differences or pros and cons associated with comparing and contrasting becomes necessary. We shall now discuss a few guidelines that can assist you in improving your comparison and contrast essay.
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The first essay tip is that by identifying and listing out all the similarities and differences of the alternatives you are considering before you start the actual writing, you can ensure comprehensive coverage of the topic.  This will also allow you to plan out the structure of your essay.

The suggested essay format is to have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Start off the introduction by mentioning all the choices you are considering. You may provide a hint to the reader of your own preference out of the choices. Give a thesis statement that indicates what you intend to do within the rest of the essay. This will basically be to analyze the similarities and differences of the available alternatives.

The next step of the essay is to write the body. Here you have two options in the structuring of the essay. If there are a large number of differences and similarities for each alternative, then a separate paragraph can be written for each alternative. However, if there are few but significant differences and similarities, each of them should be addressed in the context of all alternatives, in separate paragraphs.

Allen Cranston an analyst and resume writer at pro cv service says that, if your topic is to “Consider the Most Suitable Pets for Disabled Persons”, then you need to compare and contrast the pros and cons of a few types of common pets. You may choose cats, dogs, birds, and fish as your alternatives. Then, you may set out to identify the main points on which the alternatives can be compared and contrasted. These may include, companionship, intelligence, trainability, ease of handling and maintenance, etc. Having considered the similarities and differences of all alternatives, you will state which alternative is most suited.

Moving on to the conclusion of the essay, you need to state your choice from the considered alternatives and justify why you chose it, restating the supporting advantages of the chosen alternative.


To make your essay professional, edit it and proofread it a couple of times and polish it up to a high standard. To improve your writing skills further, you can review some essay examples which are available at homework essay writing service in canada to gain a better understanding of how comparative essays are written.

Erica Lara