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Monday, 26 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Monday, 26 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Leaders who employ Coaching skills can improve morale, retain their top performers, provide better customer service within the organisation, and achieve higher productivity. Although many organisations recognize the value of a coaching culture, what does it actually mean?

This Coaching: A Leadership Skills Training Session will help you take the initiative. Learn how to mentor and coach individuals to improve performance and capability.

Company Coaching is no longer a fad. Leaders and organisations are realizing how valuable it is and adding "the ability to coach and develop other" to their ever-growing list. This could lead to more employee development and more economic success. However, very few managers know how to coach.

Coachingis an important skill that requires the ability to mentor, lead, help, teach, and challenge individuals in order to achieve their full potential. People who have coaching skills are more likely to lead successful teams and achieve higher morale. It is a rewarding skill that allows you to communicate effectively and respond well to others. This training session will equip employees with the necessary skills and techniques for effective, influential coaching.

Example Outcomes

Coach to Help Your Team Grow

There are two types of leadership skills: coaching and leadership. We give an overview of the training session and discuss coaching with participants. Then, we provide a foundation for learning about coaching and briefly discuss the skills needed to be a great coach.

Learn the coaching skills that will improve individual performance

We now have the skills to be a great coach after the first section. Participants will be guided by the trainer to improve their existing skills and learn new ones to help them become coaches.

Demonstrate the behaviors and practices of an effective coach

Participants learn how to be a coach by participating in an interactive session. Participants are given examples and encouraged to participate in activities that will help them become coaches.

Recognize the strengths of your employees and give them the feedback they need to succeed

Coaching is all about being able to recognize and praise the individual performance within your team. Positive feedback is a reward for both the employee and coach. Effective feedback can be delivered even when it is negative. This will help you to create motivated employees.

Find out how you can help employees to solve their problems.

Sometimes you will have to deal with an employee's problem or challenge. The trainer will offer a variety of skills and tips to help you create a positive solution.

This can be adapted to fit your team:

Is the above training appropriate for your training objectives? We can create content or modules that will fit your needs if it doesn't. For more information on creating a customized fit for your company, contact our editing team. You can get this training in Parramatta and other locations such as Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin or Sydney.

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