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Saturday, 26 March 2022 9:00 AM - Saturday, 31 May 2025 5:00 PM EST

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Click Speed Test

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Saturday, 26 March 2022 9:00 AM - Saturday, 31 May 2025 5:00 PM EST

Click Speed Test - Check Clicks Per Second

CPS Test calculates your mouse click speed, helping you calculate your mouse speed and ability. The system works by measuring the number of clicks within a certain length of time, giving you an overall score for your mouse click speed, or CPS rate.

Taking click speed tests will help you to improve your click speed, and become more efficient in your work and perform better when gaming. The average mouse click time is around 60 seconds. If you are faster than this that means that your mouse click performance is above average.

Simply take the test, clicking as fast and as often as you can. The higher the number of hits, the greater your score for your CPS rate will be.

Click Speed Test Online Game

There are two main ways to take the click speed test. You can take it using your mouse or your keyboard. In both cases, it is extremely easy to take the click speed test for accurate results.

The application uses Element Speed to calculate the number of clicks per second. This can be used from anywhere in the world for the same, accurate results.

Here is a step-by-step guide to taking the click speed test:

1. Launch the click test and click as much as you can using either your mouse or keyboard
2. Click as quickly as you can within the 10-second time frame for the test
3. At the end of the 10-second test, your CPS (clicks per second) score will be displayed
4. Take your score and multiple it by six to find out your number of clicks per minute
5. Check your click rate per second by dividing the rate determined in step #3 by 60
6. To take the test again and try for a higher score, simply click on “Restart Test”

There are no limits, so you can take the test as many times as you want to get the perfect score.

You can also use the Auto Clicker for games, and double click to achieve a faster CPS score.

Measure Your Clicking Speed Using CPS Calculator

The standard measurement unit for the click speed test is 5 seconds. However this can be increased according to your preferences.

To increase the click speed measurement, simply access the menu on the top of the page and select the test speed you would like.

To change the test speed:

1. Go to the menu
2. Scroll down to “click test speed”
3. From the available options, select the speed you would like
4. You can choose between click per 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, up to a maximum of one click in 100 seconds

How is CPS calculated?

CPS stands for clicks per second. This is your click rate, which shows how fast you are at clicking a mouse. A higher CPS rate indicates a better result, and this is also the result you will see when you take the click speed test.

The platform used to calculate the CPS rate is Element Speed, which is available through either the website or app.

It uses the following formula to calculate CPS (clicks per second):

CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

That is, CPS is the number of clicks divided by the number of seconds taken to make the clicks. This will then tell you how fast you are clicking your mouse.

CPS Test Alternative

You will find if you do a quick Google search that there are a large number of different results for click speed tests. If you have a smartphone or browser, you’ll find you have plenty of options for calculating your click speed either on websites or Android apps.

However, you should be aware that some of these sites and apps are insecure, and may install malware or spyware on your phone or device. Be sure to only use reputable sites and applications, and always read the privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Kohi CPS Test

The Kohi click test is an online tool that helps you to improve your CPS rate. It is named after Kohi, the Minecraft Server renowned for Hard Core Factions Game modes.

Minecraft fans and other gamers know how important click speed is when gaming, and so this tool has developed to help Minecraft gamers to check and improve their click speed and accuracy.

The click speed test takes the same principles and has created a more refined and effective way to test your CPS and improve your skills.

Improve CPS Rate Using Clicking Methods

CPS rate can be affected by the speed of your internet connection, as well as the efficiency of your device. However, to achieve the best CPS it is recommended to use a PC, such as a laptop or desktop computer.

You can use the click speed test to refine your skills and improve your mouse click speed and achieve a higher score over time.

Here are the different methods to improve CPS click speed.

Regular Clicking: You can train yourself to improve your mouse click speed through working on your regular clicking as part of conducting daily routine tasks such as editing documents, web browsing, and so on. Regular clicking typically produces a CPS score of 3-6 clicks per second with practice.

Jitter Clicking: This is a more challenging but more effective way to improve your CPS rate. A more advanced method, it involves shaking the arm and wrist muscles to click the mouse as fast as possible. This creates a vibration in the hand that is known as the jitter affect. This can produce a CPS rate between 10 and 14 CPS.

Butterfly Clicking: An even faster technique, butterfly clicking can produce a click speed of 15 to 25 CPS.

Drag Clicking: Drag clicking is one of the fastest clicking techniques, with click speeds from 25 up to an incredible 100 CPS. This technique involves moving your finger from the top to the edge of the mouse button, so that when you move your finger it stimulates mouse clicks.

Popular Modes of Click Speed Test Challenge

One Second Click Speed Challenge

Starting today, you can participate in this amazing competition 24/7. It’s as simple as clicking fast and winning this challenge; this is how you become a clicking hero. So much fun and excitement awaits you! Bring your clicking skills to this challenging test and show us what you’re made of.

Get into the top list of players by challenging yourself and competing with your friends. The Clicks per One Second Challenge is designed for people who want to demonstrate their skill of clicking as many times as possible in a single second.

Two Seconds Click Speed Challenge

A good way to achieve something like getting better at shooting games is to set some specific goals that you can strive for. By making your goal more specific and measurable, you will be able to know your progress as time passes.

Instead of saying that your goal is “to become better at clicking” say, “to be able to click 40 or more times in two seconds.”

You must practice in order to improve your click speed. This activity is called click training, which can be done by completing this simple challenge.

You should start by tracking yourself for 2 seconds and trying to click as many times as you can. After that, you should try to beat the score you had previously. Until you reach your limit, you can repeat this process as often as you like.

Five Seconds Click Speed Challenge

Greetings, everyone! It is our pleasure to announce the start of a new challenge in which you will have to make the most of your abilities. The name of this challenge is “Clicks per 5 seconds”, and it is available for everyone on click test.

There is a time limit, so make sure you use it properly and don’t waste any time. The challenge will be online from now onwards for everyone, so make full use of this challenge and enjoy it as much as you can. Good luck and have fun!

Ten Seconds Click Speed Challenge

CPS Test has been a trusted name in the gaming community for quite some time now. The platform has been around since 2021 and they have managed to earn a place in the hearts of many gamers with its exciting trainer games and relevant tests.

To date, Joltfly has remained an authority when it comes to offering top-notch trainer games options online. Joltfly’s portfolio includes plenty of trainer games, most of them being exclusive titles and each one of them is entertaining.

In addition, you can sharpen your gaming skills and elevate your ranks in competitive gaming by taking part in this valuable clicks per ten-seconds challenge.

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