Children's Ministry Conference

Saturday, September 29 2018 8:45 AM - 4:00 PM [EST]

634, Clove Road, Staten Island , NY, 10310, United States

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Saturday, September 29 2018 8:45 AM - 4:00 PM [EST]

Salem Church, 634, Staten Island , NY, 10310, United States.

With so many children all over the world, even just within our own city, how can we reach them all with the gospel?  It's CEF's goal to equip teachers, volunteers and leaders like you to be able to effectively share the message of salvation with boldness.  We want to be reaching every child, in every nation, every day.  Together we can!  That's the key.  Join us at the conference to sharpen your skills, gain information and make connections that will help you reach out to more children for Jesus.


Workshop Topics

Session 1 Options

Review Can Be Exciting  -  Monica Winter

With kids absorbing new information all the time, we want to make sure that the truths from the Bible are able to stick with them.  No, we're not going to give an exam.  Instead, we can embrace the way God created kids' minds by making our review time fun and exciting!  Join us in this workshop to see why this is important and get some ideas for your own review time. 

It's Just a Phase  -  Tanya Velardo

Every church knows that kids matter. A better question is, does your church act like every kid matters at every phase? A phase is a timeframe in kids' lives when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. The whining infant, the dramatic fifth grader, and the confused middle schooler are not just going through a phase that should be wished away. Instead, they are transitioning through a critical phase that you are called to discover, celebrate, and navigate strategically with them. Churches are presented with the challenge to treat every kid who breathes like they are made in the image of God. This can change how every kid sees God, and that could change every kid's future.

Activated: Help Your Teens Live God's Plan  -  Brian Evelich

With the loss of teens and college age church attendees, having a proactive plan to activate and empower teens to grow in their relationship and participation with Jesus is essential.  Strategies to call youth into Christian service gives them a vision for God's plan for their lives, not just for tomorrow but for today!  


Session 2 Options

Safe, Known and Remembered  -  Jonathan Tuley

Whether you serve at a small church or a large one, first time guests, birthdays, and other major milestones can get missed from time to time.  In this breakout we’ll explore the idea that the most important thing you do each week may be simply writing a card or making a phone call.  Kids need someone who will show up in their life on a consistent basis. We’ll discuss how you can organize your ministry to make the most important things a priority.

Managing Your Classroom  -  Josiah Maddox

What do you do when that boy keeps climbing under the table, or when that girl keeps calling kids mean names?  How to you keep the kids focused on what your doing in your group?  When your classroom is managed with the kids in mind, it gets rid of things that distract them from what you're teaching. Let's explore this together and be prepared to create a group that is ready to learn.

Not Normal: 7 Quirks of an Incredible Volunteer  -  Tanya Velardo

Even if you're a good volunteer, you still stand a chance of being a little too normal. When it comes to that certain something in volunteers, we're looking for something a little more extraordinary, something a step above. Something not normal. In Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers, we'll talk about ways you can make the most of your volunteering.


Session 3 Options

Worship in Motion  -  Kristyn D'Andrea

Let the children praise the Lord with their voice and body. Embrace a child's need for activity and movement and include movement in your worship time with kids.  In this workshop, you will learn to help children draw close to God as you will lead them in worship with motions.

Partnering with Parents  -  Jonathan Tuley

There’s no doubt that the greatest influence in a child’s life is the parent or primary caregiver.  But in such a busy culture it’s becoming more and more difficult for parents to find time to invest in the spiritual growth of their child.  In this breakout we’ll explore practical ways for your church to be able to partner with parents and help them win at home.

Transformational Teaching  -  Jong Dae Choi


Have you ever witnessed the spiritual transformation of a child? When did it happen? How did it happen? In this workshop you will learn crucial and foundational principals for transformational teaching. Then we will work on recognizing those transformational –Aha!– moments, and knowing how to lead children to them.  Let's do more than "talk at" the children; rather, following the holy Spirit's leading, let's create an atmosphere of discussion, sharing and listening.  The Holy Spirit will shape the children and transform them. Then they will transform the world!

Child Evangelism Fellowship of NYC

Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Greater New York City is committed to reaching children with the message of the gospel, discipling them in the word of God and establishing them in a local church. This is accomplished primarily through neighborhood Bible clubs and teacher training. We would like to help you evangelize children in your community by providing effective training, outreach opportunities and guidance from our staff. We also make available quality teaching materials and help your church connect with families in your area.

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