Change Management Training

Friday, 2 September 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST

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Friday, 2 September 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST

The Change Management Training may encourage employees to think and tick off the progress in your company. Although change is common, organisations can make extraordinary things happen with the right tools and techniques.

Your team should question the traditional game plan and offer a new perspective to the changing landscape of commerce and trade. Empower others by learning that is an advantage . We can help you prepare for the new changes with our Change Management Training.

Leadership does not simply refer to a title, but an action and example. Managers have the responsibility of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams. These things are too often taken for granted nowadays, which puts too much pressure on subordinates. But with the understanding of the collaborative efforts, passion, and purpose, you will soon be the leader you want to follow. Contact us today for a customized session.

Module 1

Getting Started

  • Icebreaker

  • Housekeeping Items

  • Workshop Objectives

Module 2

Organizing for Change

  • Defining Your Strategy

  • Building the Team

Module Three

Identifying WIIFM

  • What's in it for me?

  • Building Support

Module Four

Understanding Change at an Individual Level

  • Clearing

  • Programming

  • Performance

Module Five

Leading the Change

  • Preparing and planning

  • Delegating

  • Communication open and transparent

  • Pushback: How to Cope

Module Six

Gaining Support

  • Gathering Data

  • Problems and Concerns

  • Assessing and adapting

Module Seven

Making it all worthwhile

  • Leading Status Meetings

  • Celebrate Success

  • Share the results and benefits

Module Eight

Using Appreciative Inquiry

  • The Four Stages

  • The Goal of Appreciative inquiry

  • Case Studies

Module Nine

Bringing people to your side

  • A dash of emotion

  • There are many truths

  • All of it together

Module Ten

Building Resiliency

  • What is resilience?

  • Why is it important?

  • Five Steps to Make the Leader and Individual Great

Module Eleven

Building Flexibility

  • What is flexibility?

  • Why is it important?

  • Five Steps to Make the Leader and Individual Great

Module Twelve

Wrapping up

  • Words from the Wise

  • Lessons Learned

  • Completion of Action Plans and Tests

Accept that there is no normal or abnormal way to react to change

Although starting from scratch can be intimidating, it could also be a way to leverage your position in the market. The Change Management Training will teach you how to move from where you are and how to respond to change . Once you have that, you can start moving forward.

Accept change as an essential part of the world, not something to fear or resist.

When faced with new challenges, ask yourself why you do what you do. It is crucial to understand the "whys" of every aspect of your business. This will help you to achieve the "what" you want to offer. We will help your group think up innovative ways to make their contribution, no matter how small, part of a business’s success.

Understanding that adapting to changes is not a technical task but a mental one, is important. Change is not an intellectual problem, but something that hits at the core of who you are.

Some people may feel it is too late to make changes, while others may feel they have worked hard for years to learn a skill. But the ability to change is a possibility and learning a new skill can be done. Take the right decision and realize that change is possible by simply sitting through the Change Management Training.

Recognize that we need to grieve before we can accept the new reality. We also need to let go of the past.

It can be daunting to break free from complacency at first. Fear not! The Change Management training will teach you how to find inspiration and master your craft.

Consider change an opportunity to self-motivation, innovation and creativity

While change is inevitable, growth is not. It's possible to surpass the current generation without losing your vision. Find your voice and be open to change.

Identify strategies to help change acceptance and implementation in the workplace

Although it is obvious that the age of today offers many opportunities, we have been limited in our time. You can reward your business by using the right tools and your passion to build it. The Change Management Training will show you how to unleash your inner potentials.

The Change Management Training can be tailored to your business' needs in Adelaide and Canberra, Sydney, Parramatta Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Melbourne.

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