Call Centre Agent Training

Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Call Centre skills training can help your agents be more efficient and effective in their day to-to-day tasks. This course will help your agents make a positive impression on their clients.

This training was created by call center professionals. This training will assist you in setting up a call center that is efficient and productive. The course will teach you how to use the latest technologies as well as the most efficient techniques for increasing efficiency. This course aims to foster smooth communication between executives, agents, clients and other stakeholders.

You can expect your staff to be more skilled as professional call center agents after the training program is completed.

The call centre training session may include a sales session or a customer session that will assist call centre agents in making the most of their phone-based work. This includes understanding the best methods to listen and be heard. Our trainers will provide in-depth information during the training session. Each phone conversation will naturally require elements of customer service and sales skills. After this session, your team should be able improve their professionalism and quality in sales and customer service.

Outcomes and Objectives

Learn the subtleties of body language and verbal communication

Telemarketers can use body language to their advantage. Many call operators overlook the chance to become better communicators via the telephone by using body language. The trainer will offer professional advice and guidance on how to use it better over the telephone.

Learn about aspects of verbal communication like tone, cadence and pitch

These areas can have a significant impact on how you speak to the customer. Professional phone manner is essential to be a successful telemarketer. This session will provide more information about these techniques.

Demonstrate a good understanding of listening and questioning skills

Many people don't realize the power of listening and asking questions at an advanced level. These two skills can be used more effectively.

Comfort can be gained by delivering bad news, and saying no

Some people find it difficult to deliver bad news or say "No." To help participants express themselves professionally, we offer more scripts and tips.

Effective ways to negotiate

You will be able to negotiate on a phone call and increase your success. We provide personalized assistance and discuss negotiation skills.

Understanding the importance of creating and communicating meaningful messages

Telemarketers who are successful will communicate meaningful messages. It is not a good idea to waste your customer's time or talk on the phone with no purpose. To make your script more meaningful, learn how to design and create it.

Communication can be made easier by using tools

This session will help you and your team communicate on the phone. The trainer will share the skills used by highly performing call centers and teams. This article will show you how to become a professional operator that facilitates communication.

Recognize the importance of building relationships and personalizing interactions

Giving your customers and contacts more personal attention over the phone is a great way to show you care. Here are seven steps to building a lasting relationship with your customers over the telephone.

Use vocal techniques to improve speech and communication skills

Although we may be excellent call operators when it comes to speech and communication, there are always new skills or tools that can help us. Find out more about the newest vocal and speech techniques to make your voice the best.

Personalize techniques for managing stress

A call agent's ability to manage stress can help them achieve greater performance, satisfaction, and motivation. These simple techniques will help you manage stress better and get rid of any issues in the call center environment.

Further information about the course outline

What is missing in telephone communication?

Participants will begin by studying Albert Mehrabian’s study on communication and how it affects phone communication. Participants will also examine the role of body language in phone communication.

Verbal communication

This session will discuss the four E's that make a strong phone voice, and how you can use them all to promote a service picture.

Who are your customers?

Participants will learn what a customer is and identify their customers during this session.

To Function and Please

This session will allow everyone to learn powerful phrases that can be used to help customers.

Listening Skills

Your team will learn strategies for active listening, and staying focused in this session.

Asking the Right Questions

This session will teach employees about open and closed questions, as well as the different types of probing.

Saying no

Two of the most challenging aspects of a call center representative's job are saying "no" and delivering bad news. These two skills are essential for any team member.

Telephone sales

This session will cover how to use information delivery and connection building in order to help participants to sell over the phone.

Take Messages

Employees will learn about the most important components of sending messages. They'll then create a quick reference sheet that they can keep at their desk.

Staying out of Voice Mail Jail

Voice mail can be a powerful tool but can also prove frustrating. Participants will learn some tips for leaving messages, and then have the opportunity to practice those techniques.

The Voice is Shutting Down

Participants will have the opportunity to perform vocal exercises during this session.

Both warm and cold calls

This session will teach employees about these types of calls as well as the best ways to improve efficiency in each.

Having a Script

Cold calls can use scripts as a powerful tool. Employees will have the chance to create the framework for their script during this session.

Perfecting the Script

Participants will then learn how to customize their scripts. We will also be looking at FAQ sheets and how they can be helpful to participants every day.

Going Above and Beyond

Participants will learn 15 strategies for success as well as a few ways to personalize their service to make it more enjoyable.

Handling Objections

Participants will be able to learn about different ways to deal with objections during this session.

Closed the sale

Participants will then learn question techniques that can help them close deals.


Participants will work together in pairs to rewrite statements in order to show empathy to clients in certain situations.

Customer Transitions

This session will examine some of the ways customers have changed over the past twenty years.


For call centre success, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the importance of discussion. Participants will learn four skills that will help them become better negotiators by phone.

It's More Than a Stage

Participants will then be able to learn about the four stages and some of the different types of negotiation.

Moments of High Impact

This session will explore some situations where you meet a customer or client at a time when you can have a profound impact on them.

Some suggestions for chatty callers

Participants will learn how to deal with different caller types in this session.

Phone Tag and Call Back

Technology today can make it difficult to reach decision makers, but it also offers opportunities. Participants will learn how to handle phone tag.

Dealing with difficult customers

Participants will learn nine easy ways to manage difficult customers in this session. We will also discuss how to deal with angry customers.

Stress Management

All of us need to learn techniques to manage anxiety in our lives. Participants will be able to learn personalized ways to manage anxiety.

News from Within

This session will give you a brief overview of the inner workings and management of the call center.

Wrapping up

Participants will be working in small groups to create a review for one another as the class ends. A review of vocal exercises will be conducted.

Tailor Your Session

You can modify the content to meet your requirements. If you have specific content or modules that your team needs, we can create it. For more information and samples, please contact our team. We are available to assist. The training program is open to all major cities, including Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta and Perth. Australia-wide training. For regional areas, we also offer webinar workshops.

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