Fri, April 26 2019, 2:00 PM - Sun, April 28 2019, 5:00 PM [PST]

26801 Dorothy Drive, Calabasas , CA, 91302, United States


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Event Information

Fri, April 26 2019, 2:00 PM - Sun, April 28 2019, 5:00 PM [PST]

About the Event


CAP Camp Malibu has a new name! From now on it is called CAliPalooza! The little sister of Alopeciapalooza, with a little CAP added to the name ;)
What is CAP?
Children's Alopecia Project! CAP's mission is to build self-esteem in kids with alopecia, bring support to the families and to raise alopecia awareness. We have 50 support groups in and even outside the USA and we organize fun events & camps for our CAP kids where they can connect with other CAP kids and just be themselves :)
Who is coming to Calipalooza...
All CAP kids and their families are welcome! Spend this life-changing weekend with tons of fun, lovely other CAP families, a bunch of inspirational Alopecian CAP Mentors and some special CAP Mentor Speakers!
Who are the Calipalooza Camp Leaders...
The camp is organized by a core team of Calipalooza Camp Leaders -all volunteers- who are all CAP Kid Group Leaders and/or CAP Mentors and/or CAP Parents. So here's a little early shout out to all Calipalooza Camp Leaders for donating their time, energy and money to help organize, work and travel to our camp!!!
About the CAP Mentors & CAP Mentor Speakers...
All CAP mentors have alopecia, whether it is areata, totalis, universalis or diffuse alopecia. Some have regrowth, others don't. Some live bald, some wear hairpieces, some prefer scarves, some change it up :) All volunteering & approved CAP mentors have shown to be positive, inspirational role models for our kids :) Quick shout out to all CAP Mentors & Speakers as well for all their time & efforts!!
What we try to instill in the CAP kids is this...
We embrace you no matter what type of alopecia you have and no matter how much, how little or no hair or regrowth you have. We embrace you whatever your personal choice is to deal with your alopecia! Wear a cap or not, wear a hair piece or not, shave or not, it's all good. We embrace you wherever you are in your process: you may be celebrating your alopecia, you may be struggling, you may feel content, you may feel sad, you may want to be open about your alopecia, you may want to still keep it to yourself. All alopecians go through all those emotions at one point or another, so no feeling is weird. Maybe you want your hair to grow back, maybe you don't. Everybody is welcome and all CAP kids belong. The goal we are working towards is for you to feel confident and free and be happy with who you are, so do whatever makes you feel most as you! BeYOUtiful!
About the activities...
We have our own private pool with slide, a ropes course with zip line, we'll play basketball, gaga ball, and many other games, we have an arts & crafts room with face paint, we'll explore the park, have campfires with s'mores, a photo shoot, pretty cool surprises and of course the famous Unicorn Dance Part III!
About tickets...
CAP KIDS CAN COME TO CAMP FOR FREE!!! They do need to be accompanied by at least 1 paying adult. The whole family is welcome! All adults (including visiting CAP adults) and siblings 5 yrs and up need to buy a ticket. Tickets for siblings 4yo and younger are free. Approved volunteering CAP Mentors will pay a reduced price. A ticket includes lodging, all 6 meals, all activities, lifelong friends & unforgettable memories! No CAP family will be turned away for not having the monetary funds to bring an accompanying adult.
About the facilities...
We have a full kitchen with walk-in fridge, microwave etc., for all of us to use in case you prefer to bring your own food. We will share a unique camping experience (shared cabins, shower houses, but real beds & walls ;)) in the beautiful and adventurous nature of the Santa Monica Mountains! If you don't have your own sleeping gear, you can rent towels, pillow, and linens.
Our pitch...
If you have never been to this camp... here is your chance!! Beautiful surroundings, lots of fun, the most genuine and wonderful CAP families, old & new friends, and don’t forget our many amazing role models for the kids!
We hope to see you in April!
Your Calipalooza Camp Leaders: Annette, Deeann, Connor, Kylie, Laura, Lindsay, Lisa, Shannon, Tali & Manon.
>>>Our extended Calipalooza Team will include several more volunteering CAP Mentors & CAP Mentor Speakers, who will be introduced to you all closer to the date!<<<
Questions: contact Manon (Calipalooza Director) at

Event Location

About the Organizer

A CAP Kid Camp by the Children's Alopecia Project and run by our CAP Kid California Groups.

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Event Speakers

Jeff Woytovich
Founder, Children's Alopecia Project

Jeff founded the Children's Alopecia Project and is relentless in telling his story and what the Children's Alopecia Project is all about.

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Abbey Steffl

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