Business Writing That Works Training

Monday, 14 November 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Monday, 14 November 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Professional Business Writing
Communication plays an integral role in the business world. One skill that is particularly important is the ability to create letters clearly and concisely . There is a higher chance of missing the main point of the message if you don't know how to write clearly and concisely. Poor communication can lead to confusion and even conflict in the workplace.
This Business writing that works Session will equip you and your team to communicate clearly, efficiently, effectively, and professionally. You can also customize the session to meet your specific industry needs. Your training session will be customized to your needs by changing the questions, images, and materials.

This training session is most useful for those who have to write as part of their job . This training session will provide invaluable experience, technical knowledge, and basic tips for writing more clearly and effectively. This training session will teach you how to put your thoughts on paper in a clear, concise and complete manner. Your message will be strong and persuasive.
The finished product is writing. Writing is a process. Writing is a process that can be improved. This training session will focus on the details of writing and how it can be improved. For those who struggle with writing, practical advice will be provided on how to make it easier.

Training Results:

The four C's of Writing

Professional writers will be more effective if they are clear, concise, precise, complete, and accurate. Here are some activities that our trainer will use to demonstrate the four C's and prove the points.

Make sure that their writing conforms to basic grammatical standards such as sentence construction, word agreement, punctuation, and proper spelling.

Grammatical errors can make your message look less professional. Find out how to proofread your message and spot common grammar errors.

You can distinguish between passive and active voice

Different messages and writings may require a different voice or approach. You can use either passive or active voice in your message. Find out more about formal and informal writing styles.

Send business letters, reports and memos.

We will discuss various forms of business communication. We can give tips and information to your staff about the types of documents they should be writing in this group session. We go through all of these in a workshop setting and offer assistance in any areas we feel are needed.

You will have a better understanding of writing basics, which is to say, you will be able to appreciate grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and other aspects of writing in order for your writing to be correct.

Every message and every written communication requires a structure. Find out how to create a structure that is positive and flows.

Write clearly and concisely so the reader can grasp the message quickly.

Here we put into practice the skills that we have learned in training through some hands-on activities. This allows us to reinforce and demonstrate our training points.

Learn how to properly gather, format, and present material effectively

Our trainers will show you how to gather and format the right material.

Create a style of writing that is similar to the one used by professional writers

Is there a specific style that your business requires? Are you a writer? This section will help you discuss writing styles and give professional examples that have been used by experts.

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