Budgets And Managing Money Training

Friday, 30 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Friday, 30 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

It is essential for managers to have a working understanding of finance. No matter how conscious or unconscious, we all have a part in the financial health of our organization. You may not have the right training or experience in finance to sit at the management table. Understanding the cycle of finances will help to identify your place in the company's financial structure and show you how to keep your department from going into debt. This session will help you to prepare budgets more confidently by familiarizing you with key concepts in finance, and accounting.

This budgeting class teaches students how to plan, analyze, manage, and create personal budgets. These classes will focus on the budgeting principles and concepts that have been successful for millions. The essential elements of a budget are explained to students as well as the different styles of budgets. Students learn how to create a budget plan for a company, compare budgets and prepare operating and production budgets.

Budgeting training is a comprehensive way to learn about financial risks, control costs, identify savings opportunities, establish appropriate funding objectives, develop sound strategic plan, implement those plans and evaluate the results. It also includes how to prepare for changes, correct deficiencies, fix incentives for employees, manage staffing and operations. This course covers topics such as budgeting basics and financial forecasting. It also includes information about macroeconomic indicators, financial stability and investment strategy. These topics will help you plan and manage your company's finances. These important topics should be covered in depth and comprehensively by the training course.

These are the Recommended Outcomes for this Course

Accounting and finance basics

As we learn more about participants' current knowledge and levels, we start with the basics. The trainer will discuss key terms with participants and help everyone get on the same page before we move onto developing this topic.

How do you identify their roles in finance?

It is crucial to understand how employees deal with finances within the company or organisation. This area is personalized as we discuss each participant's needs and the roles they play.

How to view financial reports including a profit statement, income statement and a financial statement.

This section will discuss the various financial reports employees might encounter at work. Any areas that require additional expertise or assistance are discussed.

Tracking business expenses

Participants receive a system to track business expenses. It is easier to plan and make financial forecasts with detailed reports.

How to create a budget that works

It is a good thing to have an idea of what you can expect. We will go over the guidelines for creating a budget that is simple to understand and follow.

Consider these things when choosing an accounting method

Accounting can be described as the art and science of measuring, recording, interpreting, communicating, and reporting the results of economic activities. It can be difficult to know which method to use in these areas. Our team can help you find the right skills and facts that you need in today's workplaces.

Simple methods to make money and generate profits

It doesn't have to be complicated to manage money. To ensure that you are making profit, we have developed simple strategies that anyone can use.

How to compare investment opportunities

Comparing investment opportunities can be a great way of finding them. It can be difficult to find the right investment opportunity in a sea of information. You can learn how to identify a great investment opportunity through comparison.

How to deal with financial problems

People can be affected by finances at work in many ways. Different budgets, needs and expenditures may be shared by different teams. Find out how finances affect the people you work with.

Information about the ISO 9001 series

This structured process allows your business to improve the quality of the services and products you offer, and then maintain this level.

Decision-making skills

Anyone who works in these areas will benefit from being able to make financial and executive decisions. Find out more about our skills and learn new tools from our team.

Further information about the course outline

Introduction and Course Overview

The first half of the session will be spent getting to know each other and discussing the sessions. Employees will have the opportunity to identify their learning goals.

Finance Jeopardy

This is a fun way to introduce key concepts and ideas for employees.

Your role in company finances

Each employee has a part in the company's finances. Employees can be more successful if they recognize and acknowledge their role in company finances. Employees will be able to share their involvement in the company's finances during this session.

What is finance?

This session will cover budgets and managing money.

Get to know the players

This session will include a review of a traditional organizational chart and discussion with employees about the financial aspects of a company.

Terminology for Record-Keeping

Employees who will be involved in any type of money management must be familiar with accounting, GAAP and bookkeeping. This lecture will cover these terms.

The Balance Sheet

A balance sheet shows what company has and owes at a particular date. A sample balance sheet will be shown in greater detail.

Equity and Liabilities

It is crucial to determine the liabilities and equity of a company in order to assess its financial health. We'll use Smith's Gourmet Food to illustrate how we can calculate the equity and liabilities of a company.

Statement of Profit and Loss (Income Statement).

This session will cover the profit and loss statement, as well as other key concepts such methods of recording transactions, accounting periods and accounting systems.

Monitoring Business Expenses

It is important to keep track of expenses, such as travel, entertainment, and supplies, especially when it comes time for tax. Here are some proven methods to track these expenses.

Analysing Financial Statements

An MBA is not required to understand the basics of a financial report. However, you will need to be able to interpret the information to fully understand the business. This article will cover the basics of a financial statement.

Encyclopedia Excitement

This session will allow you to review your progress and provide an enjoyable, stimulating exercise.

Accounting Software

Many companies now do their bookkeeping digitally thanks to the PC and other computerized accounting software. Some companies prefer to do their bookkeeping manually. What accounting method should you choose? Here are some suggestions.

Bookkeeping: The Importance

Employees will be reading an article about ethical issues in accounting during this session. The class will then discuss the article in large groups.

Budget basics

What is a Budget? What are the different types of budgets? How can you create a budget? This session will allow you to discuss all these questions with your employees.

Management of Profit Performance

How can you balance finances so that your company makes a profit? This session will cover some important topics, such as the types of costs.

Comparing Investment Opportunities

Proper planning is essential when considering investment opportunities in a business. Two concepts are important to consider when comparing investment options.

The Human Aspect

Finances are more than just numbers. What happens if the expense report of an employee is not correct? What if someone has to have their pay cut? Each situation will be discussed in small groups and participants will then offer some suggestions on how to proceed.

Credits vs. Debts

Your business' financial health is dependent on your credit and debit accounts. The PowerPoint slides will be used to show you a sample balance and income statement. It will also include information about where debits and credits appear.

ISO 9001:2000

The ISO 9001:2000 series enables companies to improve the quality of their products and services and maintain this level. This session will cover the basics of ISO 9001:2000 as well as the benefits of the program.

Take a decision

The role-play will be conducted by employees. They will be asked to play five financial decisions as the Operations Director at Peerless Data Corp. Debriefing points will be provided after each financial decision has been made. For the end of each exercise, we have provided discussion questions.

Session Wrap-Up

Employees will be able to ask questions and complete an action plan at the end of each session.

We can tailor your session to suit you:

You can contact our editorial team if this session is not what you are looking for or if you have any questions. We can create a session to suit your team and objectives. These training options are available in all major cities Melbourne Canberra, Parramatta and Perth .

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