Brookridge Open Run

Saturday, August 26 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM [EST]


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Trail 1 - Easy (Absolute Minimum Requirements 32" tires(Aggressive Tread!), one locker or a winch) Partial Approval -$30.00

Available Tickets - N/A

Trail 2 - Moderate (Absolute Minimum Requirement 33" tires and 2 lockers -or- 35" tires, one locker and winch) Possible body damage Partial Approval - $30.00

Available Tickets - N/A

Trail 3 - Hard (Absolute Minimum Requirements 35" tires, 2 lockers, winch and skid plates preferred) Possible body damage Partial Approval -$30.00

Available Tickets - N/A

Trailer Parking - Must Add Trailer Parking Ticket if you need a trailer spot Partial Approval - Free

Available Tickets - N/A

Must add Trailer Parking ticket to be able to park your trailer at the trail head

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Sales end on - - 08/23/2017

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Event Information

Saturday, August 26 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM [EST]

About the Event

Brookridge Open Run - August 26 at 9:00am

This is your chance to wheel exclusive NEA property located in Winchedon, MA.  This property has something for everyone.  It is not often we open property to the public but we want you to come see what the NEA has to offer and meet some of the members of NEA Clubs.

We are doing things differntly this time, you register for the group that you want to be placed in.  There are minimum requirements for each trail, if you do not meet those minimums you will be removed from the group. 

Event Info:

Trailers: Arrive at 8:30am

Check-In for everyone else: 9:00am

Line up, Air Down: 9:00-9:45am

Drivers Meeting: 9:45am

Leave in groups: 10:00am

Wheel all day!

MINIMAL TRAILER PARKING SPOTS  - If you need trailer parking, you must add a trailer parking ticket to your order.  There is no charge but this will track the number of available spots. IF YOU DO NOT GET A TRAILER SPOT, YOU WILL NEED TO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO PARK YOUR TRAILER.  THERE IS NO TRAILER PARKING ALONG THE ROAD.

*Please pack a lunch as food will not be provided this time.  Each group will choose a time to take a break on the trail to have lunch and hang out. 


Minimum Rig Requirements:

*Front and Rear Tow Points - NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you show up without safe and secured tow points you will be asked to leave. No refunds.

*Minimum of 32" tires 

*No Full Size Trucks


If you cannot make it and want to sell your ticket to someone, it must be approved by Callie.  No refunds.


This event has been a huge sucess in the past and many people joined NEA clubs after the event.

About the Organizer

Hosted by Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs

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