Blue Jazz - an Introduction to Jazz 1

Thursday, September 24 2020 7:00 PM - Thursday, October 29 2020 8:00 PM [MST]

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Thursday, September 24 2020 7:00 PM - Thursday, October 29 2020 8:00 PM [MST]


You’ve been asking for it – now here it is!  Have you ever considered playing in a jazz band, but you don’t play a "standard jazz instrument"?  Have you ever been curious about what it's like to play jazz, but you are new on your instrument and don’t know if you have the skill to keep up in a fast-paced rehearsal? Are you looking to expand your knowledge and skill beyond the traditional concert band setting? 

Come join our "Introduction to Jazz" class as we explore and experiment with jazz concepts in a very relaxed and slow-paced environment!  We will be starting with the most basic and fundamental skills, developing an appreciation and working knowledge of jazz. 

This will not be a "performance ensemble", but rather a gathering of musicians intending to learn about jazz.  Topics we will work on:  what makes swing feel like swing, an introduction to jazz and blues harmonies, different jazz articulations and styles, as well as exploring the very beginnings of jazz improvisation. 

(Also consider taking Jazz Improvisation – Level 1 for a more in-depth, focused approach.) 

We are going to have an absolute blast while we work our way through these ideas in a very low pressure, relaxed format.  We will also be listening to a variety of different jazz performances each week and getting to know the "who's who" of the jazz world.  The intent of the course will really be that of exploration and having fun!  All instruments are welcome and encouraged to join! 

Westwinds Music Society

Westwinds is a not-for-profit adult community organization in Calgary operated by and for its members. Started in 1988, we have around 400 members from all walks of life! We have had to postpone our in-person rehearsals but are offering various online, interactive courses for musicians and singers of all levels.

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