Blaze Your Own Trail CWLG Conference

Monday, April 29 2019, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM [MST]

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, 80003, United States




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Event Information

Monday, April 29 2019, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM [MST]

About the Event

The first CWLG Conference is dedicated to improving your skill set and growing your network to take your career on any trail you'd like.

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Cancellation policy

We'd prefer that you transfer your registration to a colleague. Cancellations will be accepted through April 1, minus a $5 processing fee.

About the Organizer

CWLG is committed to advancing the role of women and helping them succeed in the public sector. The mission of CWLG is to provide holistic professional development, networking, and career building opportunities that allow women to succeed in public service.


Event Speakers

Kelly Houghteling
Assistant Town Manager, Town of Wellington

Mark Deven
City Manager, City of Arvada

Megan Williams
Community Relations Manager, Frederick

Happy Haynes
Executive Director of Parks and Recreation for the City and County of Denver

Alisha Janes
City of Brighton

Jariah Walker
Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority

Erin Brown
Deputy Chief of Staff for the City and County of Denver

Jaye Amoako
City of Boulder

Catherine Sweeney
Consultant & Professor

Amy Moreno
Diversity Education Program Manager, University of Colorado

Michelle Kivela
Town Administrator, Town of Parker

Mattie Gullixson
Senior Regulatory Analyst, City of Colorado Springs

Philip Rodriguez
City Manager, City of Brighton

Melissa Wiley
Manager of Denver Peak Academy, City and County of Denver

Johanna Walker
Speaker, Trainer, Storytelling Expert

Benilda (Benny) Samuels
Chief Operating Officer, Nurse-Family Partnership

Bobbi Peckham
President, Peckham & McKenney, Inc.


Amy Collins

Alison Digan

Amy Jacob

Alisha Janes

Alisha Reis

Allison Scheck

Allison Trembly

Ali Van Deutekom

Amy Wells

Angela Wilson

Brandy Copeland

Barbara Opie

Catherine Duarte

Charise Canales

Carol Cosby

Cate Eckenrode

Christy Woodward

Cindy Kamigaki

Charity Young

Melonie Matarozzo

Corren Lind

Carly Lorentz

Crystal Mariscal

Christine Rucobo

Chrissy Stapleford

Carol Stotts

Dawn Quintana

Dannette Robberson

Danette Ruvalcaba

Darrin Tangeman

Emily Hogan

Enessa Janes

Erin Dietrich

Erin Fosdick

Georgia Roberts

Hannah Wilks

Heather Balser

Heather Meierkort

Heather Geyer

Jamie Desrosier

Jessica Skibo

Janna Hansen

Jennifer Hoffman

Jacquelyne Kremser

James Mann

Joanna Crosby

Jessica Prosser

Jennifer Robinson

Jessica Humphreis

Justine Bruno

Jacque Wedding-Scott

Kara Winters

Katie McCune

Kristy Doll

Kerstin Claspell

Karen Daly

Kimberley Curtis

Kim Newcomer

Kirstyn Jovanovich

Kimberly Konczak

Kristi Ritter

Kirsten Silveira

Kimberly Swearingen

Laurie Cozzetto

Lorie Gillis

Linda Haley

Liesel Hans

Lindsay Schwerman

Lauren Mueller

Lyndsey Paavilainen

Lor Pellegrino

Laura Savage

Lucienne Petrocco

Lynette White

Madeline Hoffman

Tanya Ange

Meredyth Muth

Michelle Eddy

Michelle Kivela

Melissa Mata

Monica Mendoza

Michelle Oeser

Michelle Parker

Nina Vetter

Pam Acre

Patti Garcia

Portia Hensley

Paula Jensen

Philip Rodriguez

Rachel Granrath

Alison Rhodes

Ryan Johnson

Rosa Kougl

Rachel Summers

Victoria Runkle

Regina Welch

Susan Barkman

Summer Campos

Sandra Casaus

Marianne Schilling

Sebawit Bishu

Sharon Israel

Suzanne Leclercq

Skye Miller

Sherry Nalbach

Kristin Sullivan

Sophie Porcelli

Samantha Ziegler

Theresa Booca

Taeler Houlberg

Tamara Moon

Trish Stiles

Victoria Simonsen

Event Schedule

  • April 29, 2019
08:00 AM
08:30 AM
08:30 AM
09:00 AM

Welcome and Overview of Day


Kelly Houghteling

Mark Deven

Megan Williams

09:00 AM
09:30 AM

Morning Keynote


Happy Haynes

09:30 AM
10:30 AM

Own Your Expertise


In this session, we’ll explore how credibility works--and works unfairly--in the world. As leaders in local government, we have a front-row seat to see how collective community voices come together to shape policy and the future of our communities and organizations. Using resources from the Op-Ed Project, this interactive conversation seeks to explore how knowledge and expertise are generated and why this matters for the future of our communities and our profession. Participants will walk away with bold ideas, a deeper sense of what they know and stand for, and actionable steps for moving forward.

Alisha Janes

10:45 AM
11:45 AM

Building Credibility


Everyone needs to know how to interview and write a killer elevator speech. This session will provide some takeaways for both but will also help you identify the gaps in your resume so that you can start to take steps to fill them before that next job opportunity comes along.

Jariah Walker

Bobbi Peckham

12:00 PM
01:00 PM

Lunch and Keynote: “Lead Authentically”


Erin Brown

01:15 PM
02:15 PM

Communicate with Confidence


Negotiations, asking for more responsibility, calling out sexism in the workplace, presenting an idea and executing it. This panel is prepared to help you learn how to have difficult conversations about what matters most. Be sure to submit your questions during the morning break.

Jaye Amoako

Catherine Sweeney

Amy Moreno

Michelle Kivela

02:30 PM
03:30 PM

Connecting for a Stronger Colorado


Fast & Furious style- 5 presentations at 10 minutes each Networking is not a game of collecting business cards and shaking hands. True networking is about building meaningful relationships. At this session you will learn how to turn conversations into connections that ultimately strengthen the entire state through collaboration.

Megan Williams

Mattie Gullixson

Philip Rodriguez

Melissa Wiley

Johanna Walker

Benilda (Benny) Samuels

03:45 PM
04:45 PM

Dive in: Speed Mentoring


Practice your new skills and get to know some amazing mentors! There will be five 10-minute small group mentoring sessions. Before you begin, there are some ground rules to follow for this session: 1. No more than five people can be with one mentor at a time 2. Ask only one question during each 10-minute session - everyone in the group should have a chance, even if they are shy or quiet 3. Rotate to a new mentor for each 10-minute session - get some variety and give others a chance to do the same

05:00 PM
05:10 PM

Choose your own adventure: Take-home dinner, happy hour or both!