Betting with predictions - Tips with combination bets

Thu, December 13 2018, 12:40 AM - Fri, December 14 2018, 1:05 AM [EST]


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Thu, December 13 2018, 12:40 AM - Fri, December 14 2018, 1:05 AM [EST]

About the Event

football Prediction

There are certain sports betting tips prediction sites with which it is possible, a probable correct prediction tip. 


Two of these websites are e.g. bet9javip or bet9ja (football predictions website ) or here also the sports betting tips area.


With football prediction you can see the chances in a clear table. However, football prediction has not always made the right decision. 


At Bet9ja you can see which betting users are really good at predicting bets by looking at the balance sheets, and the betting tips predictions of these users can then be used as a model. Bet9ja also offers other sports besides football 


All you have to do now is bet. 


The whole thing can still be pulled out with combination bets. But you should already have some knowledge. If you put the expected winners in a combination bet, you have a smaller chance. But it is even smaller without taking a look at the table. 


I make with my football predictions always only 3er Kombis and have already achieved with this system over 200 €. You can't just make combos. Also system bets offer themselves here very well. It is most optimal if you can bet with banks. 


On the page Bet9ja you can see green or red squares at the matches in Bundesliga Germany, Champions League etc.. Two flashing green means that the probability is very high that this will happen. And red then the opposite. 


Now you could take a game with 2 greens and put a bank on them. And then put in 3 other games. Here the profit increases drastically. 


Have fun and still much success. 


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