Best Practices Exchange Workshop Bettendorf IA

Thursday, January 18 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

959 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA, 52722, United States

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Best Practices Exchange Workshop PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

Biovante’s Best Practice Exchange is a platform to present and educate growers on technologies and practices which are cutting edge to help them be more profitable at producing healthy and higher yielding crops. Attendees will not only hear about how to use Biovante’s products but also the application of use that brings them the best return on investment. Speakers will include president and CEO of Biovante, industry professionals as well as progressive growers who are working closely with the company.

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Thursday, January 18 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

Hilton Garden Inn, 959 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA, 52722, United States.

Meeting Topics


“Maximizing the Norm to Produce More” by Chris Masters


Gain knowledge on how Biovante products give the best bang for the buck going into 2018.  Also, listen to how sun is vital to plant and biological interactions and the value of this relationship and how they relate to higher yields.


“It’s a Dog Eat, Dog World in your soil” by Ben Elliott


Learn how yields are being robbed right out from under your feet as the biological warfare takes place in your soil.  You’ll receive perspective on what we know, what we are experiencing, and where we are headed as an industry when it comes to implementing biologicals and how they influence nutrients and moisture. 


Guest speakers can also include:

       Past World Soybean Record Holder Kip Cullers

       2017 National Soybean Winner Jimmy Fredericks

       2014 IL State Soybean Winner and NCGA Winner Dan Arkels


These meetings will challenge your thought process on a variety of levels that pertain to every aspect of farming.  You will not be disappointed that you attended!


Ben Elliot is the co-owner of Insight BioAg from Red Bud, IL.  Ben has gained vital knowledge from his time at the university of Tennessee as well as from getting his boots dirty in fields all over the USA and abroad.  He’s worked closely with top professors at Stanford, UC-Berkely, UC-Davis, and UC-San Francisco in the last 12 months gaining information on soil microbiology and enjoys the challenge to push himself to learn more while making what he finds understandable to the grower. 



Chris Masters is the owner of a biologically minded company called Biovante.  He enjoys working with growers of any size to see how products and the timing of those products bring higher yields.  As the leader of an up and coming company, he appeciates the challenge of showing growers the importance of biologicals to their seed, soil and/or plant.  


The leaders of Biovante have a collected experience of over 25 years in the agriculture industry. Their assistance and knowledge has placed some of the most cutting-edge technology our industry has to offer, in the hands of many professionals and producers around the globe. We know that if you don’t succeed then neither do we. This is a partnership that we take very seriously and would be blessed to have. With this in mind, the longevity of Biovante will be built on these truths; honesty, loyalty, and a commitment to achieve more.