Best Practices Exchange Workshop 2020 Lincoln NE

Wednesday, February 12 2020, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown/Haymarket, 801 R Street, Lincoln, NE, 68508, United States


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Event Information

Wednesday, February 12 2020, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

About the Event

What happens at a Best Practice Exchange Workshop?
Best practice exchange workshops are designed to help each size of farming operation. Whether you consider your operation as small, medium or large, the information given will help. During these sessions each attendee will gleam from years of experience from a leader in the biological ag sector. Our speakers will present facts and benefits of our products as well as practical agronomy knowledge to help boost yields.  Everything from seed treatments, infurrow apps, foliar feed timings, y-drop, and late season apps are discussed.
As the saying goes, knowledge is power so we hope every attendee feels empowered when they leave. Also, the greatest exchange of information happens during the Q&A. We encourage any and all questions to be asked during our workshops to help the one asking but others in the room. Plus, lunch is free, who wouldn’t want a free lunch!


Meeting Topics

Short Term and Long Term Approaches to Success - by Chris Masters
Success is only understand to the who experienced the struggle personally and was able to overcome it. Our CEO will present ideas and approaches to help you earn short term success and profits while introducing a plan to long term success and profits. Healthy profits are tied to the health of your soil. Chris will help you understand the soils need for beneficial biologicals, their functions, and which products help you achieve your goals both short and long term.
Along with learning about biologicals and soil health, he will offer his expertise on foliar application timings that boast the greatest ROI. During this presentation you will be challenged with the importance of water quality, proper timing of day to foliar feed, and how deficient plants are in carbon supply.

Be A Leader, Not A Follower - by Jimmy Frederick
In 2019, Jimmy Frederick, like many other farmers across the midwest faced obstacles which challenged one’s stamina. Early spring rains with record flooding caused planting to be later than normal. Whether it was corn or soybeans, Fredericks stayed the course of being methodical with his use of seed treatments, biologicals, and foliar applications.
During this session, Jimmy will discuss why being persistence even in a challenging year can still be productive. This attitude helped him produce the nations highest dryland soybean record of 118 bushels per acre! He will also present his 2019 population soybean data spanning between 20,000 to 80,000 population. He believes that matching the wrong hybrid with the best plan can make or break your bottom line.


Event Location

About the Organizer

The leaders of Biovante have a collected experience of over 25 years in the agriculture industry. Their assistance and knowledge has placed some of the most cutting-edge technology our industry has to offer, in the hands of many professionals and producers around the globe. We know that if you don’t succeed then neither do we. This is a partnership that we take very seriously and would be blessed to have. With this in mind, the longevity of Biovante will be built on these truths; honesty, loyalty, and a commitment to achieve more.


Event Speakers

Chris Masters
CEO of Biovante

Chris Masters is the founder and CEO of Biovante. He is passionate about his customers and helping them grow in knowledge of biologicals. He does not sit idle but pushes his team and growers to reach for more. His time in the ag industry has been invested in understanding plants and their response to biological applications. He has a unique ability of breaking complex subjects into simple nuggets.

Jimmy Frederick has become one of the top grain producers in the nation. Fredericks’ determination to understand the soil and plant relationship has helped him break state, national and world soybean records. This SE Nebraska farmer believes in the value of even seed emergence, early plant health, timely foliar applications as well as healthy soils have helped him increase his productivity. Along with soil health, Fredericks pays close attention to in season crop needs by scouting and tissue sampling.