Best Practices Exchange Workshop 2019 Waterloo

Friday, January 04 2019, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

Waterloo Elks Lodge 290, 407 East Park Avenue, Waterloo, IA , 50703, United States

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Friday, January 04 2019, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM [CST]

The Best Practices Exchange Workshop was designed to bring insight and knowledge of Biovante products, as well as provide sound agronomic practices that can help increase productivity.  While it may appear that some the products and practices being discussed are “out-of-the box”, it will none the less challenge you to consider how changes, if any, can be made to your farming operation. 


Meeting Topics


It’s Time to Wake Up and Smell the Carbon

by Chris Masters

Yields are the name of the game and being profitable at achieving those yields keep every farmer going.  Listen to our CEO discuss the importance of carbon needed in 21st century farming and what happens when energy based products are applied to low productive soils or high CEC soils to reach higher yields. 


The Mindset to Produce More

by Jimmy Frederick

It has taken Jimmy many successes and failures over the last several years to get to the level of production he is now seeing.  The grueling struggle of the mind can take a toll on the what, when, where, why, and how of farming.  Jimmy will offer insight to techniques that have allowed him to see and experience things on his farm that he didn’t know were possible but now expect. 


Soil and Tissue Sampling and Where Levels Need Be

by Jason Schley

Soil samples and tissue samples seem to be discussed more and more, but why and how do I read them? Knowledge is power and Jason will take you on a tour of where nutrient levels need to be both in the soil and in the plants.  This will be a powerful session which will shed light on how to put the ball back in your hands for 2019.  


These meetings will challenge your thought process on a variety of levels that pertain to every aspect of farming.  You will not be disappointed that you attended!


  • Jason Schley is the co-founder of Next Level Ag from Alpina, SD.  Over the last decade Jason has committed himself to understanding nutrient levels both in the soil and the plant.  He is not scared to get his hands dirty and this drive has allowed him to help many growers make sound agronomic decisions to benefit their farming operation.
  • Jimmy Frederick is quickly becoming a true student of producing high yielding soybeans.  While he has had some big successes in the last couple years it is evident that he is his biggest critic and always wants more. He has been applying Biovante’s biologicals for over five years and believes that the decision to include these components have been monumental in helping him achieve some of his recent successes. 
  • Chris Masters is the founder and CEO of a Biovante.  He is passionate about his customers and helping them grow in knowledge of biologicals.  He does not sit idle but pushes his team and growers to reach for more.   



The leaders of Biovante have a collected experience of over 25 years in the agriculture industry. Their assistance and knowledge has placed some of the most cutting-edge technology our industry has to offer, in the hands of many professionals and producers around the globe. We know that if you don’t succeed then neither do we. This is a partnership that we take very seriously and would be blessed to have. With this in mind, the longevity of Biovante will be built on these truths; honesty, loyalty, and a commitment to achieve more.

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