Basic WebEOC Training

Saturday, 13 January 2024 9:00 AM - 11:55 AM EST

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WebEOC - Refer to Class Title, Pre-Reqs/Participation Requirements and Target Audience before registering Partial Approval - Free

Basic WebEOC Training

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Saturday, 13 January 2024 9:00 AM - 11:55 AM EST


This class is the pre-requisite for attending tutorial (interactive) WebEOC classes - no exceptions.

Further, the Course Prerequisites / Participation Requirements listed below must be met - no exceptions. 

Registrants are responsible for meeting these requirements and following the guidance below in a timely manner. 


Course Prerequisites / Participation Requirements

  • WebEOC Account (Active)
  • Ability to login to WebEOC without assistance
  • Camera functioning and ON entire class
  • Microphone functioning
  • Basic computer skills and understanding of internet browsers
  • Commitment to actively participate during entire class session

Target Audience - All WebEOC Partners 

Same day registration is NOT available.

Part 1: Building Blocks—Navigate, Sort, Filter, Search, Learn
Part 2: Situational Awareness relevant to Position and Incident
Part 3: Video Wall, Dual Monitor and Browser Setup Tips 

A Zoom link will be sent out 15-20 minutes prior to the session ON THE DAY of the course - links will only be sent to registrations that have met the criteria for admission. DO NOT SHARE this link or the event viewing with individuals that do not have a confirmed registration!


  • Please review the class title, pre-requisites/participation requirements and target audience for this class before registering. 
  • Please plan accordingly - test equipment IN ADVANCE. The class will NOT cover how to use Zoom or setup camera/microphone. 

How to Access WebEOC, Retrieve Credentials, Obtain an Account

All necessary instructions regarding retrieving username/password credentials are provided at the login splash screen:

  • Use the Forgot Username option to locate your Username if one exists in the system. 
  • If a Username is retrieved, proceed with the Forgot Password option, and reset the temporary password. 
  • If no account can be retrieved, all WebEOC User account requests should be submitted via the established process by completing the proper form:
    Health partners
    DEMHS partners –
  • When completing forms, the authorized representative of the agency should submit on behalf of the new User. Coordinate with the authorized representative to ensure a timely submittal – if your account is not received and vetted in time, you will not be provided access to the course.
  • Also, please carefully follow instructions on the forms, including submitting to the proper email address as noted, not to any specific individual or this may delay response.
  • Once an account is vetted and created, you will then be able to follow the instructions above for retrieving username/password credentials.

Cancellation policy

*****Cancellation and Registration Policy*****
Please understand that when registering for a limited access course, each registrant reserves a seat away from another potentially interested party.

We understand that everyone is busy and wearing multiple hats during these times, including our instructors.

Respectfully, however, if there is not an immediate and true emergency, we would ask that 24 hours advance notice is provided to our instructors if planning to miss a scheduled event.

This would allow those on a waitlist to be invited to participate in your absence, improves the interactive class experience, and also ensures that our instructors’ time is well spent.

Also, please understand that instructors have the right to restrict access to any event or remove participants from events.

Additionally, if you fail to provide any additional information requested and/or you do not fully complete the registration process, your registration will not be accepted.
Again, DO NOT SHARE links to virtual classes or viewing with individuals that do not have a confirmed registration!

Connecticut Emergency Management and Homeland Security

The CT DESPP Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is pleased to offer training to partners with active system accounts that meet the pre-requisites/participation requirements and target audience.

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