Assertiveness Training

Tuesday, 5 September 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Tuesday, 5 September 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

You can customize the Assertiveness Skills training program to meet your company's needs. It can be tailored to your industry and employees. You can either take it one-on-one online or have one of our trainers guide you online through the Instructor-led Training option.

This Assertiveness Skill Training helps teams to build cohesion, communicate well, and be assertive. This in turn leads to greater success and better results. This increases self-confidence and assertiveness, which leads to greater results and better productivity in the company.

We have heard much in recent media about bullying at work, school, and home. This session is intended to give your employees the knowledge and tools to communicate more effectively and considerately. Many people believe assertiveness training courses involve bullying and aggressively pushing back on others. It is incorrect. Instead, you will learn how to assertively influence your delegates without being aggressive. You will also be able create an environment that encourages collaboration and equality.

This course is for people who want to become a better leader and team player. This course is focused on communication and leadership. This course will help you communicate clearly and improve your leadership skills. You will also have more time to build your team and improve your communication skills, so you can lead better.

You can tailor your assertiveness training course to meet your specific needs. One example of this is a project you are working on, in which you need to lead others. Assertiveness Training will help you lead competently and assertively and teach you how you can express yourself constructively.

You will acquire important communication skills in the Assertiveness Training Course. You will also learn the importance of "boundaries". When leading a team, it is important to set and enforce boundaries. Because others will not cross the boundaries, it is important to set boundaries. This will help you maintain consistency, which is vital in any team.

You can set your own goals

How to communicate confidently

Communication skills can be learned by anyone. We offer skills to help even the most timid communicator become more confident in their speech abilities.

How to spot a person's wrong attitude

We also learn about negative and incorrect attitudes. Participants can identify and avoid ineffective styles.

How to increase assertiveness and confidence

Then, we learn how to develop assertiveness from within. Participants are helped to achieve the confidence and success they desire through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as other methods.

Types of personality

With an activity, we discuss the four interactive personality styles. Participants are able learn more about themselves and other employees.

Comfort Zones

You will be able to achieve more by going beyond your comfort zone. People who take it slow are more successful than those who do not dare to venture out of their comfort zone. Participants learn how to move smoothly without being too ambitious.

Assertive Body Language

What is your body language? This article will help you communicate confidently and assertively.

You'll find many more ideas for your team

This session can be customized or created with your specific objectives.

Further information about the course outline

Stress Inventory

Participants were asked to complete a stress inventory as a pre-assignment. In this session, we will talk about the evaluation in general.

Building Your Self-Esteem

We will be leading a discussion about two key questions during this session: What does self-esteem look like? What are some factors that can influence self-esteem?


Participants will be asked to brainstorm items that can create a negative or positive impression. Participants can also identify an action item that they want to change in the next 21-days.

Fake it until you make it

Sometimes, even though we don't feel brave, we have to put on a brave face. This session will help you understand when and how to do it.

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

We've already looked at external factors that can affect self-esteem. We will now focus on internal factors, the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves.

Self confidence

We will be discussing seven simple ways to boost your confidence during this session.

The Power of Thoughts

Participants will learn how ideas can impact self-esteem through a case study and small demonstrations.

Get rid of it

Although stress can be very distressing, it is not good for your health. Participants will learn four ways to manage stress.

Ask for Anything You Wish

It can be difficult to ask for something, especially if you aren't confident. We will be discussing four methods to ask for what you want. Participants will use the knowledge to solve a case study.


How we see the world through the windows we have can either help or hinder communication. Participants will identify their windows during this session. The participants will then identify their windows through a large group discussion.

Connecting with the author of How to win Friends and Influence People

People Dale Carnegie gave us many important principles to consider and incorporate into our lives in order to better connect with other humans. In this session, we will be discussing seven of his principles.

Behaviour Cost-Benefit Analysis

Participants will be asked to summarize what they have learned and to consider the potential costs and benefits of changing their behavior.

Do you need a tailored training session?

Team communication and cooperation can be improved by assertiveness . Many teams will be more open to new ideas and can voice any concerns that may arise. The session is tailored to your specific training requirements and the timeframe you require. You can have the training session tailored to address specific issues in your workplace.

We can create custom training on the Gold Coast, Perth and Melbourne. Call 1300 810 725 for more information and to receive a complimentary outline.

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