Ashley Lopez Workshops in Cork

Sat, 04 November 2017, 11:00 AM - Sun, 05 November 2017, 4:00 PM [GMT]

St Patrick's Quay, Cork, Cork, Ireland


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Lock-it, Shake-it, Move-it, Spin-it -Saturday 4th November 11am – 1pm Partial Approval -€45.00

The Art of Floating - Saturday 4th November 2pm – 4pm Partial Approval - €45.00

Cruisin’: Traveling with Style - Sunday 5th November 11am – 1pm Partial Approval -€45.00

Snakelike - Sunday 5th November 2pm – 4pm Partial Approval - €45.00

Both Saturday Workshops - Limited Discounted Offer Partial Approval -€80.00

Both Sunday Workshops - Limited Discounted Offer Partial Approval - €80.00

Full Weekend Package - Limited Discounted Offer for 4 Workshops Partial Approval -€160.00

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Event Information

Sat, 04 November 2017, 11:00 AM - Sun, 05 November 2017, 4:00 PM [GMT]

About the Event

Suadela Bellydance are delighted to announce that Ashley Lopez will be teaching for her first time in  Cork this November!

Ashley will teach 8 hours of workshops in Leeside Leisure, St Patrick's Quay, Cork City Centre on the 4th / 5th November 2017.



Lock-it, Shake-it, Move-it, Spin-it  -Saturday 4th November 11am – 1pm

Get ready to Lock and Roll!!!!  In this workshop, we’ll review basic isolations and shimmies with particularly clean and efficient technique so that we can then move on to play with them by adding other isolations (or layering) and then traveling and turning!  Be prepared to revisit your current vocabulary to perfect what you already know, and to try some new, sparkly moves and combinations that you may have never thought of! All levels welcome

The Art of Floating - Saturday 4th November 2pm – 4pm

Balance.  Poise.  Power.  The unearthly quality of a dancer’s grace lies in her ability to blend strength and flexibility together with excellent alignment and balance.  That, coupled with technique, artistry, and stage presence…she floats.  

In this class, you will be guided through a series of alignment-focused poses and exercises that are designed to help you work out some of your body’s imbalances and asymmetries, while giving you a better understanding of the mechanics and sharpening your proprioception, or body awareness.  We’ll work on cleaning up technical execution of movements and then take that a step further by playing with single-leg balancing, fast traveling, and turning.  Get intimately acquainted with your feet, your legs and the core of your body through movement.  Learn how to enter and exit beautiful shapes and be confident of your ability to master them.  You’ll dance through a few sequences which will challenge you to be mentally focused, technically solid, and physically balanced.  Then maybe we’ll stick some stuff on top of our heads and see what we can keep from falling off!

Cruisin’: Traveling with Style -  Sunday 5th November 11am – 1pm

Gearing up for a smooth ride.  Standing in one place doing a fabulous chest circle certainly has its place, but what about when you try to move around or turn with those isolations, shimmies and shapes?  Be a badass on the road, making fancy feet from simple patterns, layering footwork, smooth turns, rumbling shimmies, and sharp stops.  This workshop is a study of beautiful technique that goes somewhere.  Riders, start your engines.


 Snakelike (all-levels, 2-3 hours) - Sunday 5th November 2pm – 4pm

Discover your inner serpent.  

The signature movements in belly dance mean fluidity in motion: undulations, circles, and figure-eights.  

This workshop will help you learn how to sequence basic isolations so you can create movements that look boneless and effortless.  You will practice drills that will help you build the strength and coordination needed to execute fluid body rolls, awe-inspiring belly rolls, succulent hip circles, fluid upper body shapes, and graceful arms.  Rest assured, there is no magic potion to these techniques…you can master any of them through simple exercises and strengthening your muscles.

All levels welcome (some belly dance experience strongly recommended).  Different options will be offered for both beginning and advanced students.  Please come prepared with a hip scarf, comfortable clothing and water!



Based out of Portland, Oregon, Ashley is an internationally touring artist and instructor.  She holds a bachelor of music in vocal performance/opera, is an 8 Elements™ Datura Style teacher, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Pilates, cycling and fitness instructor and has performed in over 20 countries worldwide. 


Cork is a wonderful city to visit!

There are direct flights to Cork from many European cities, see here for full list 


Dublin Airport is about 2.5 hours by bus

We would love to have some overseas dancers visit our city and will gladly help you find accommodation and arrange your time in Cork!




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