Advanced Techniques: Big Fat Juicy Rings, 1/07-2/11, 2019

Mon, January 07 2019, 9:00 AM - Mon, February 11 2019, 12:00 PM [PST]

950 South Hill St., Oxnard, California, 93033, United States

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Advanced Techniques: Big Fat Juicy Rings PARTIAL APPROVAL - $65.00

Read through the class description prior to registering, it's OK, you have 20 minutes, open another tab and read it all NOW. This class is for those that are comfortable and fluent in fabrication and soldering techniques. If you sign up for this class and are not qualified, you will not be accommodated, and no refund will be made.

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Mon, January 07 2019, 9:00 AM - Mon, February 11 2019, 12:00 PM [PST]

Durley Park Classroom, 950 South Hill St., Oxnard, California, 93033, United States.

Class meets 9:00 am to noon, Monday mornings for 6 weeks. OGMS instructor Jean pSmith leads this class.


This class is all about making big bold statement rings. The kind of rings that always arrive at the party a nanosecond or two before you do. The kind of ring that would make a bishop blush, a ring that says Morticia Addams was my female role model... anyway, big boss rings for men and women with some real style!. 

The project will be a ring of heavy sterling silver stock with carved elements. A large cabochon of the student's choice (chosen relative to your ring-finger, it should fully cover the finger width) will be required. Any chosen cabochon will work. To maximize the visual impact, a translucent stone such as agate or jade, or a stone with dramatic color such as clear red jasper, works well. Carved hardstone and drusy agate are also good choices. Instructor will have a small assortment available for purchase.

Students will learn to carve sterling silver ring shanks and bezels. Optional; the student may choose to set their stone in a carved sterling silver bezel, an opportunity to learn new setting techniques.

Discussion topics in no particular order: designing the large rings & shanks from basic and specialty stock, large ring comfort considerations, making a flex-size shank, file carving, file selection and care, hammer setting with and without a reciprocating hammer.

Students should be able to complete one ring of their own design during class time. Your milage may vary.


This class will be a great opportunity for those that have a bit of fabrication under their belts. Skill set must include sawing, filing and multi-step silver soldering. Those that have completed 3-5 (or more) complex fabrication projects should be well qualified for this class. Saw piercing and basic bezel construction experience is necessary.

Project supplies:

Students will need a selection of sheet and wire stocks sufficient to make the ring of their choice:

Materials for first week:

Bezel design. Purchase heavy weight fine silver (easier) or sterling strip (more challenging). Purchase a length of bezel strip sufficient to surround your cabochon, of gauge 22 or better stock. This can also be cut from sheet stock.

Pierced style (open backed) settings should be 22 ga or better. Closed back settings should be made from 24 ga or better.

Students may opt for a decorative wire surround of their choice. Shaped half round sections, carved heavy round or square wire, beaded or twisted wire are recommended.

Materials for week 3:

Ring shank carving. Students will purchase their materials based on their own design needs. Materials can range from sizing stock or heavy sheet to heavy gauge double half round, or student may choose to construct a shank from multiple wires. Heavy gauges 14- 10 ga, square, round, double  half round or low dome (3-4) profile wires recommended.



Consumables fee:

Due to too many people failing to pay for their consumables fee, the charge has been increased for those choosing to pay cash. I shouldn't have to do this, but the club cannot absorb this expense, we do not make enough in class fees to support this shortfall.

A $12 fee for gas & consumables will be collected for acetylene, classroom tool use and other classroom consumables and upkeep. A small discount can be had if you pay online during registration by choosing the Classroom Consumables ticket the fee is $10.00 +eventzilla fee.  

In order to complete registration you MUST be returned to the eventzlla confirmation page.

If you don't receive a confirmation email, you are NOT registered for the class.

Please note that registration through this site works best if you have a verified Paypal account. Using a wired, private internet connection with fast service is recommended. Accessing registration through public Wi-fi, IOS devices, or slow/dial-up connection may have varying degrees of success. We are not the tech support for this service, and can't guarantee registration success.

Classes are conducted by volunteer members of the Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, under the the auspices of the City of Oxnard, Dept. of Recreation.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is allowed within the registration sales period only. Once the sales period has closed, no refund is given. All cancellations will incur a $10 "loss of sales" penalty.
Please make certain that you are able to attend all classes prior to registering.

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