Advanced Procurement: Negotiation & Contract Management by Patrick Woods, Missouri State University ILTC

Monday, 06 December 2021 5:00 PM - Thursday, 09 December 2021 9:00 PM [AST]

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Monday, 06 December 2021 5:00 PM - Thursday, 09 December 2021 9:00 PM [AST]


IMPROVE YOUR CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS AND DELIVER SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS!  Supply Chain Management (SCM) is now a fact of life and presents a phenomenal opportunity to bring value to your organization. According to ISM-The Institute of Supply Management, the experts in Supply Management, has stated that every 1% that you reduce cost or achieve efficiency, this equates to 5% in additional sales. One of the key ways that the procurement and supply management professional can optimize this value is in the contracting process. In contrast to your contracts and supplier agreements merely addressing what either party can’t do (based on violating key laws), what if your contracts also addressed what both parties can do (such as mutual cost-reductions and value-added programs)? This NIMSC Masterclass explores the latest methodologies in contracting based on both academic research and actual practice in Fortune 100 fi rms which can both protect you legally, as well as add maximum value to your firm.


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for Directors, Heads, Managers, Officers & other Senior Executives from: • Supply Chain • Procurement • Purchasing • Sourcing • Logistics • Inventory Management • Risk Management • Contracts • Warehousing • Finance • Sales & Marketing


Course Objectives

  1. Evaluate various contract frameworks extensively
  2. Apply cost analytical techniques to your contracts
  3. Enhance contract drafting, safeguard interests and avoid disputes
  4. Communicate effectively with suppliers
  5. Deliver a successful project


Benefits of Attending

  1. Develop a strategic negotiation plan which will set the pace for a successful contract
  2. Host a supplier conference to clearly roll-out the solicitation/contracting program
  3. Understand the various contract types and which one works best for your potential procurement
  4. Move from simply boilerplate (reactive language) to proactive language with “teeth,” such as how to drive volume rebates and cost savings

5.     Determine the best underlying contract law, be it the Shari’a, CISG or Unidroit.

6.     Strategically perform contract administration duties to ensure that the supplier is continuing to provide value initially defined in the contract




Note: This course will be presented in the live, virtual format in 4-4 hours sessions for a total of 16 hours and the participant will receive a certificate from the prestigious Missouri State University from the USA.   Based on 30(+) years of experience, the instructor gives you a blend of academic concepts such as his work at the University of North Texas in Logistics and Missouri State University as a teacher with his working as a practitioner for Fortune 100 corporations. 

This course will be a blend of key concepts, group exercises and case studies with audience participation.  Patrick has also coined the term and utilizes the concept of “Edutainment” where he blends light humor with key educational points.  Additionally, accompanying this course will be detailed and robust supplemental materials that will allow you to refer back to the key points long after the programs ends so that you can take concept to reality.

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