Advanced Medical Terminology

Thursday, 03 February 2022 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM [WET]

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Thursday, 03 February 2022 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM [WET]


Virtual workshop for those who have the undertaken the Introduction to Medical Terminology who have a good understanding of the component parts of medical terminology. Use of a standard set of terms and phrase is critical for clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals in order to enable universally consistent communications within the practice and across the Primary Care Network and the wider health services. The use of standardised medical terminology also helps improve the quality of patient care by ensuring that the same words will always mean the same things to all medical employees. 


All participants will be able to apply the learning to every-day situations back in the practice. The workshop builds on the skills of the administration, clerical and clinical support staff and will enhance their understanding of medical terminology.  It provides a continuation of the professional development for staff working in a clinical environment such as HCAs, physiotherapy assistants, assistant practice managers, practice pharmacy assistants, and those responsible for clinical coding etc.  Participants will further enhance their confidence, their communication skills and service delivery. Patients and their carers can also benefit from enhanced knowledge and insight of the relevant medical terminology.




All delegates will be provided with course handouts and will be issued with a certificate of attendance after the workshop.




Learning Outcomes


Participants will expand their knowledge of abbreviations, root words, suffixes & prefixes and will develop their understanding into a wider-range of diseases, physiology, anatomy and all of the bodies systems. The objectives of the course are to enable delegates to be able to:


Consolidate their knowledge of medical terminology



·         Understanding at an advanced level the meaning of medical prefixes & suffixes
·         Understand diseases and medical conditions
·         Be able to apply terminology in the right context
·         State the meaning of medical prefixes and suffixes at an advanced level
·         Identify medical terminology, root words & basic anatomy relating to:

Ø  Vital Organs


Ø  Skeletal system


Ø  Skin and Dermatology


Ø  Gynaecology


Ø  Paediatrics


Ø  Nervous system


Ø  Cardiology


Ø  Oncology


Ø  Other diseases






Welcome & Introduction

Origins and Value of Medical Terminology

Recap of Roots, Suffixes & Prefixes – building a wider knowledge & abbreviations


Root words & Anatomy


§  Vital Organs

§  Skeletal system

§  Skin and Dermatology

§  Gynaecology

§  Paediatrics       




Breaking words down then building them up


§  Nervous system

§  Cardiology

§  Oncology

§  Other diseases


Recognising and understanding advanced medical terms

Applying Medical Terminology

Any Questions?




Frankie Maclean