9th KTPH Hand Fracture Fixation Course and Cadaver Workshop

Fri, 31 May 2019, 1:00 PM - Sat, 01 June 2019, 5:00 PM [SST]

90, Yishun Central, Singapore, SG, 768828, Singapore

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Fri, 31 May 2019, 1:00 PM - Sat, 01 June 2019, 5:00 PM [SST]

KTPH Learning Centre, Tower B, 90, Singapore, SG, 768828, Singapore.

NOTE: Our registration is now FULL! Please email us for any enquiries.


31 May, 2019, Friday

Auditorium, Learning Centre, Tower B Level 1, KTPH



1300- 1315 Registration
1315- 1320 Welcome                                                  - Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam
1320- 1330 Assessment of prior knowledge           - Dr Tong Pei Yein
1330- 1345 Biology of fracture healing                    - Dr Sreedharan S/O
1345- 1400 Personality of hand fractures               - Dr Sreedharan S/O
1400- 1415 Basic lag screw -principles               - Dr Robert Yap
1415- 1430 The dynamic compression plate               - Dr Robert Yap
1430- 1445 Introduction of TOUCH CMCJ Replacement/
Keri Medical               - Joannes Perret-Keri Medical

1445- 1500 Complex intraarticular fractures (PIPJ)               - Dr Andrew Chin
1500- 1515 Tea Break
1515- 1530 Scaphoid fractures and HCS               - Dr Andrew Yam
1530- 1545 Other techniques of fracture fixation and general conservative management of hand
fractures               -
Dr Jacqueline Tan

1545- 1600 Managing complications               - Dr Jacqueline Tan

1600- 1630 Rehabilitation following hand fractures               - Dr Muntasir Mannan

1630- 1700 Interactive case discussions               - Dr Tong Pei Yein/ Dr Muntasir
Mannan Choudhury


Cadaveric Workshop 1.6.19 (Saturday)
Experimental Lab B1, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital


0900- 0915 Health and safety briefing               - Dr S Bharathi Mohan
0915- 0945 Introduction to the instruments and implants               - Ms Jessie Xue
0945- 1015 Exposures in hand fractures treatment               - Dr Muntasir Mannan

1015- 1045 Long oblique metacarpal fracture with lag screw and neutralization plate             - Dr Robert Yap

1045- 1100 Tea Break
1100- 1130 Transverse metacarpal fracture with DCP               - Dr Robert Yap
1130- 1200 Boxer’s fracture with T plate               - Dr Jacqueline Tan
1200- 1230 Proximal phalanx base fracture with T plate               - Dr Andrew Chin
1230- 1300 Lunch
1300- 1330 Thumb proximal phalanx fracture with lateral
plate               - Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam

1330-1400 Proximal phalanx midshaft transversefracture with IM screw               - Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam

1400- 1430 PIPJ fracture-dislocation (Suzuki frame application demo)               - Dr Andrew Chin

1430- 1500 Scaphoid waist fracture with HCS (Demo)               - Dr Jacqueline Tan
1500- 1545 Distal radius fracture               - Dr Muntasir Mannan Choudhury

1545- 1600 Tea Break
1600- 1615 DRUJ K-wiring               - Dr Muntasir Mannan Choudhury
1615- 1645 TOUCH CMCJ Replacement Demo- Practice               - Prof Lim Beng Hai & Joannes Perret-Keri

1645- 1715 Optional:

1. Middle phalangeal neck fracture
fixation with 1.5mm T plate
2. Comminuted fracture fixation with
bridge plating
3. Placement of HCS screw in intact
scaphoid under II

             - Dr Tong Pei Yein

Dr Jacqueline Tan
1715- 1730 Feedback and Presentation of certificates               - Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam







Biology of Fracture Healing 

                     Types of bone

                     Histology of bone and healing

                     Pathology of fracture and the healing model

                     Magnetic fields effects

                     Requirements for healing

                     Stability in fracture healing,

                     Primary and secondary healing

                     Regulation of bone healing

o   local and systemic

o   vascular

o    biochemical and hormones

o    anatomical and vascular factors


Personality of hand fractures


                     Osteology of hand

                     Principles of management of hand fractures,

                     Evaluation of fractures

o   clinical and investigations

§  Xrays and  views

§  CT scan

§  Bone scan

§  Ultrasound

§  MRI

§  Arthroscopy

                     Classification of common hand fractures

                     Goals of management



 Basic lag screw – principles and techniques  


                     Anatomy and Function of the screw

o   the screw design

o   indication of the lag screw,

o   biomechanics of the lag screw

o   planning the procedure, approach, instrumentation

o   minimal requirements for lagging, pitfalls and recovery


 The Dynamic Compression Plate (DCP)

                     Anatomy and function of the plate

                     Plate design

                     Indications for plates

                     Biomechanics of the DCP

                     Types of plating in fractures

                     Planning the procedure

 o   approach

o   instruments

o   choice of plates

o   pitfalls and complications

o   Recovery


Rehabilitation following hand fractures

                     Principles of rehabilitation

                     Effects of early mobilisation on healing

                     Resting splints

                     Special dynamic splints

                     Active mobilization in fractures

                     Controlling swelling

                     Video and live demonstration

                     Evaluating outcomes in fractures


Complex intra articular fractures around PIPJ

                     Principles of ligamentotaxis

                     Dynamic external fixator principles

                     The Suzuki frame

o   indications

o   the design

o   the techniques

o   complications

o   alternative management


Scaphoid fractures and the HCS

                     Anatomy and peculiarities of scaphoid


                     Associated Injuries

                     Diagnosing, imaging and treatment,

                     Principle of HCS

                     Complications and management


Other techniques of fracture fixations and General conservative management of hand fractures  

                     K wire fixations

                     external fixators

                     types of fractures suitable for conservative treatment

                     principles of non operative treatment


Managing complications 

                      Infections, stiffness, malunion, non union, implant failure and  tendon rupture

                      Diagnosing, prevention and treatment,

                      Tenolysis and arthrolysis 

                     Post operative therapy 


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