8th Akhanda Yoga Meeting Italia

Fri, 06 April 2018, 5:00 PM - Sun, 08 April 2018, 7:30 PM [WEST]

Via Rialto 15/a, Bologna, 4024, Italy


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Event Information

Fri, 06 April 2018, 5:00 PM - Sun, 08 April 2018, 7:30 PM [WEST]

About the Event

Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji), Himalayan Master and founder of Akhanda Yoga, has been coming to Italy regularly for many years to teach with senior Akhanda Yoga teacher Pranav at Kutir in Bologna. This wonderful collaboration has brought us to the 8 th Akhanda Italia Retreat!

Since 8 in the horizontal relates to the symbol of the Infinite, this workshop will focus on an ever-deepening journey through the five layers of being and finally dropping into the Vast, Infinite Self:

  • Anamaya Kosha (physical layer)
  • Pranamaya Kosha (pranic layer)
  • Manomaya Kosha (mental/emotional layer)
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha (intuitive layer)
  • Anandamaya Kosha (bliss layer)


During this transformative weekend, you will learn about the original anatomy of yoga and experience how awareness of these layers can revitalize our practice and support us in daily life. Akhanda means whole, indivisible and unbroken tradition. Vishva-ji will apply the map of the Koshas to a full repertoire of yoga techniques including asana, pranayama, mantra, Yoga Nidra, Bhakti practices and meditation to help you tap into our own wholeness drop into your connection to the Vast, the Infinite! Bhakti Yoga in particular encourages the final surrender of the idea of the limited self helps us to step into this expanded Self.

During the weekend you will participate in:

  • Five Koshas Yoga classes in which you’ll be guided through a short sequence three
  • times, taking you gradually more internal;
  • An extended pranayama practice to expand your energetic being;
  • Soundwork and Vedic mantra to help to release dross from the mental consciousness;
  • A restorative Yoga Nidra practice to tap into your intuition and establish fresh intentions
  • for your life;
  • Bhakti work with archetypes and kirtan (praise) to release focus on the small self;
  • Spontaneous meditations allowing you to savour the bliss of the anandamaya kosha and
  • the infinite grace of the universe!
  • Cooking Classes directed by Vishvaji, in order to the theory class about Annamaya Kosha (the body layer is considered the food body)

Event Location

About the Organizer

Kutir in Sanskrit means “small ashram” a place dedicated to the practice of yoga with accommodation for longer or shorter periods.A cozy space with a heated floor and a small courtyard in the center. It is located in the historic center of Bologna, between the Princess Margherita’s Park and Piazza Santo Stefano, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy .