5 Day Sacred Temple Tour India

Friday, 28 October 2016 9:00 AM - Tuesday, 1 November 2016 9:00 PM IST

No. 2, Cub House Road , Chennai , Tamil Nadu, 600002, India

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The additional money will be paid on arrival day to India which is by October 27th 1pm.. Balance will be $500

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Friday, 28 October 2016 9:00 AM - Tuesday, 1 November 2016 9:00 PM IST

Taj Club House ~meeting place , No. 2, Cub House Road , Chennai , Tamil Nadu, 600002, India.


Join US!! to Experience the OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime in the ancient magic of South India.

Oneness Trainers and National Oneness Organizers  Debra Apsara and Matthew Lundbeck are SO PLEASED to welcome you to join them for a life changing journey of EXPANDED consciousness. Combined, they have traveled to India and the Oneness University more then 30 times and are extremely passionate to serve in spreading the spirit of Oneness. THEY are organizing groups September thru November 2016 SO YOU MAY experience the profound processes at Oneness University. THEY will also offer an optional  5-day tour to some of the most powerful and SACRED places in South India. Please check details below and follow the fire in your heart. Come join us on this profound journey into higher states of consciousness.  

Tour price $608 ($500) due in India on October 27th.

The Tour includes from October 28th 9am Bus, Taxis, 4 Nights Hotel Stay, Breakfast, All Temple Fees and Ritual Fees. You are responsible for one night stay on Oct. 27th in Chennai and Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and any shopping during the Tour.. 

5-day Tour (Oct.28th-Nov.1st)

South India is home to some of the richest spiritual traditions and places on the planet. In this short but flavorful tour, you will experience some of the most powerful and inspiring sacred places, temples, and ceremonies that South India has to offer. Not to mention it will be loads of fun! 

Sacred Journey Itinerary:

First stop Tiruvannamalli  where we will visit an amazing very ancient 1000-2000 year old Arunachaleshwar Temple of Shiva,  participate in ancient Hindu rituals, walk pradakshina (circle) sacred MT Arunachala, visit Ramana Maharshi Ashram and meditate in his caves.


Second stop Chidambaram one of Shiva Nataraja holiest temple towns where we will visit the Nataraja Temple, built in 9th Century, where a shrine dedicated to nine Lingas, worshipped by the nine planets or Navagraha is worshipped. There we will also experience the power of a Puja Ritual done just for our group.

Last stop Pondicherry a French town where we will visit the Manakula Vinyagar Temple of Lord Ganesha partake in a Homa to Lord Ganesha and then a stop at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple of Lord Vishnu which is the oldest Temple in Pondicherry 600 AD.. This will be a very powerful, life changing experience...are you ready :)




Debra Apsara came onto this planet smiling and talking with God. Her Mother would often go in to her room to see if she was sleeping and Debra would have her hands straight up in the air giggling and playing with something above her. Her Mother said it was Angels… Since 2006 Debra has been on a mission to help Awaken Humanity. Her passion to have fun, expand and truly live life affecting all around her. She is dedicated to her own growth in consciousness, which brings her to India multiple times a year to be in the Grace of the Temple of the Supreme Light. She hosts a Sacred Chambers in Las Vegas, is an Organizer for Oneness University, leader for Oneness Las Vegas and Livestreams all over the world.  


Matthew Lundbeck stumbled onto the spiritual path at a young age after reading a profound book by Carlos Castaneda. His fire was lit and he dove deep into yoga and meditation. He also read and practiced anything he came across from various spiritual traditions. In 2003 his brother introduced him to Oneness and from there his journey took flight. He began to have the experiences he read about and had practiced vigilantly for. This passion led him to his first trip in 2004 to Oneness University in South India. It was here that he met his personal divine in a BIG way and had a dramatic life changing experience. Since then he has returned to O.U every year to attend courses and to serve on site. He is a Oneness Trainer who has facilitated many oneness all over North America which are fueled with a burning passion to bask in, and celebrate the spirit of Oneness.



Debra Apsara


Debra Apsara Oneness Organizer and Trainer and Matthew Lundbeck Oneness Organizer and Trainer

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