2022 Data-Centric Architecture Forum

Monday, June 06 2022 8:30 AM - Wednesday, June 08 2022 12:00 PM [MDT]

417, West Magnolia Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80521, United States

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Monday, June 06 2022 8:30 AM - Wednesday, June 08 2022 12:00 PM [MDT]

The Lincoln Center, 417, Fort Collins, CO, 80521, United States.

Our theme of this event is the "The Last Mile."  As attendees of the last three forum know, there are challenges in implementing a Data-Centric solution.  Sooner or later these need to be addressed.  We've identified ten challenges that historically have been solved with application-specific code that have resulted in expanding technical debt and data silos or "systems of systems."  The Data-Centric vision is to make applications thinner as more and more shared relationships and common business logic can be expressed in a core model and be realized by leveraging semantic standards and knowledge graph capabilities.

We're seeking practitioners looking to bring solutions, ideas, and a learning mindset that can move more organizations up the maturity curve.    

Many of these challenges have already been solved in traditional ways however the ability to integrate as whole with flexibility to enable business agility has been a lacking element.  The agenda is totally dedicated to upgrading our shared understanding of the state of the art on these ten challenges within a Data-Centric environment.  We have a bias towards solutions that are based on graph databases, semantics, or model driven development, but it’s not limited to these technologies

 Objectives of DCAF are three-fold: 

  •  Mutually advance the state of the industry regarding getting Data-Centric Architectures designed and implemented 
  • Form strategic partnerships amongst the various thought leaders and solution providers 
  • Get implementors collectively up to speed on what is currently possible 

So, what is Data-Centric anyway?  


 Sign the Data Centric Manifesto and join the evolution of information management with passionate, like-minded, professionals and thought leaders.  


Semantic Arts, Inc.


Semantic Arts represents a passionate team of digital and data transformation consultants. We lead in accelerating this process by leveraging model driven architecture and design practices coupled with semantic knowledge graph capabilities. Many organizations have invested heavily in digital technologies but have yet to see the benefits live up to the promise. Traditional information management approaches no longer meet the expectations of today's growing and diverse enterprise data footprint. By implementing data centric principles to complement existing data strategies, Semantic Arts incrementally guides our clients in optimizing operational performance, shortening time to market, reducing supply chain volatility with linked knowledge exchange. Key benefits include: • Flexibility • Extensibility • Integration Almost for Free • Simplicity Eventually, our data-centric approach will naturally materialize into legacy modernization. READ MORE ... https://www.semanticarts.com/incremental-stealth-legacy-modernization/

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