2018 Ambassador Pageant - Contestant Registration

Sunday, September 09 2018, 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

8298 N Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL, 32940, United States

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Sunday, September 09 2018, 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

Holiday Inn Melbourne-Viera, 8298 N Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL, 32940, United States.

Space Coast Pride Ambassador Pageant 2018 Official Rules, Regulations, and Contractual Duties Sunday, September 9, 2018

Title Holder/1st alternate /2nd alternate Prize Package

• Title Holder wins $1000 cash prize and will distributed as follows: $600 cash night upon crowning, flowers, crown & sash, photo shoot, 1 night stay at Holiday Inn to be used within year of reign. $100 distributed for each of the 4 Space Coast Pride appearances or fundraisers throughout your reign.
• 1st alternate $300 cash
• 2nd alternate $150 cash
• Congeniality Winner $50 cash

Registration to Crowning

Each contestant must arrive at the venue where the Space Coast Ambassador will be held between 3pm-4pm on the day of the pageant.   
The registration fee schedule is as follows:
• $100 Standard Registration if paid on or before September 9, 2018

Space Coast Pride Ambassador Rules

1) Judging will be on a total point system and will not be comparative. High and Low scores are dropped.
2) Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Presentation, creative formal wear, On-stage Question & Answer, Platform, and talent.
3) Talent will be limited to 7 minutes. Prop set-up and tear-down will be limited to 5 minutes total. 
4) Any type of talent is acceptable except those that may cause injury to the audience or any other
person. NO glitter, no fire, no food, and no water may be used in any talent. If using dancers, they must pay admission to get into the pageant.
5) Due to dressing area limitations, there is to be only 1 dresser per contestant.
6) The use or dispensing of any illegal substance will not be tolerated while any contestant is participating in the contest or representing Space Coat Pride as an ambassador. Immediate disqualification and ejection from the premises will occur for anyone breaking this rule.
7) Any contestant, dancer, or dresser who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another contestant’s property will be ejected from the premises and disqualified from competing.
8) Contestants are responsible for bringing their own supplies, mirror, fan, and makeup towels. Contestants are responsible for their own clean up of their own station in dressing area.
9) Space Coast Pride reserved the right to make any decisions concerning any matter not covered by these rules.

Titleholder Obligations

If you are fortunate enough to become our Space Coast Ambassador, you will be required to adhere to the following obligations as our representative.
• Ambassador agrees that they are a spokesperson for Space Coast Pride during their reign. They are expected to present an image that embraces diversity and promotes unity in a civil manner. No vulgarity or offensive remarks made public in any form will be tolerated from the ambassador.
• Ambassador agrees to promote the Space Coast Pride Ambassador to any and all potential sponsors and contestants.
• Ambassador agrees to return to the competition after their term of service to crown their successors and make themselves available for appearances and events.
• Ambassador agrees to make a minimum of four appearances within the year at Pride events or fundraisers that are approved by Space Coast Pride and will represent Space Coast Pride
• Ambassador agrees to upkeep their social media postings regarding Space Coast Pride events and fundraisers.

Music Rules

• Music/recordings for any of the categories can be provided in one of two ways
   1.The contestant can provide a cd containing the music or recording. The cd should be labeled with the contestants name and the category in order.
   2.EXAMPLE: Luna Lovegood would provide a CD labeled as follows:
    -Luna Lovegood- Presentation song 1 Talent song 2
• The contestant can optionally provide a USB drive containing MP3 formatted recordings for their categories. Contestant must make sure the drive is labeled with their name and that each file is labeled with their name and that each file is labeled with their name and the category.
     -EXAMPLE: Cedric Diggory would provide a USB containing the following files.
     -Cedric Diggory _01_ presentation Cedric Diggory _02_Talent
• All recordings must be turned in at contestant registration. After registration, contestants will have ample time for sound checks and talent rehearsals on stage.

Space Coast Ambassador Categories and Scoring

Presentation Theme: Show us your Pride, Show us what Pride means to you. Each contestant will present themselves to the audiences and judges. This will be your first impression. There is a 2 minute limit for this category. Each contestant must introduce themselves on the mic, giving their name and number. You can provide your own music and either lip sync, model, or express themselves anyway you would like as long as you adhere to the theme. You will be judged on creativity, execution, speaking ability, music selection and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction. You are allowed Props 30 points: 10 for creativity/10 for execution/10 Adherence to theme
Formal Wear: You will be judged on formal wear selection, fit of the formal wear, hair and makeup, accessories, modeling ability, and general appearance. You should be dressed as if you would be attending a black tie event and looking your best.
40 points 10 for creativity/ 20 for technically (proper fit, hair, accessories, etc) /10 for modeling and confidence
Talent: You will be judged for a talent of your choice. It may be of any type that will be entertaining. You can choose to do a solo talent or are also allowed to have back up dancers. No glitter, fire, water may be used. Talent is limited ti 7 minutes and will be timed. There will be 3 minutes allowed to set up and tear down if needed for props and preparation. Show us your best!
60 points 20 for value/ 20 for quality(lip sync, dance, etc)/ 10 for technical(costuming, props, use of stage) 10 for entertainment
Q&A: You will be judged on poise, confidence, ability to communicate, vocabulary, grammar, and overall effectiveness of answer. Questions will be determined by random draw.
30 points 10 for confidence/ body language 10 for personality / 10 for content.
Platform: You will be responsible to come to the pageant with 1 fundraising idea for the upcoming year for the platform of their choice. Show us you philanthropist side. You will present your idea on stage and explain to us why your platform is important to you. (Example of platform: aids awareness, bullying, etc) 40 points: 10 confidence/ 10 personality 20 content

Space Coast Pride


Space Coast Pride, Inc., is the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender community organization for Brevard County, Florida and a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. Its primary focus is to foster a sense of community among LGBT residents and to bridge the divide with our straight families, friends, neighbors and organizations. Formerly managed by The Living Room of Brevard, the Space Coast Pride festival and parade is the pinnacle of our efforts. Space Coast Pride is committed to upholding LGBT interests in Brevard County.

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