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6 Sessions Only

Group A Sold Out. Group B only


$ 550.00

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For a bit of background information regarding the inspiration behind this course, check out this blog post.


This course involves 6 intensive sessions as well as 6 open studio sessions, in a female exclusive space--female instructor, assistant, participants and studio manager.

The aim of this gender-specific course is to break down the typically male dominated industry norm; destructing, decoding, and rebuilding it into something accessible and beneficial to women of all abilities and strengths.

Within this cultivated space, women will be able to turn to each other for help and advice, work collaboratively, and utilize each other's abilities without feeling dwarfed or incapable.

This space is intended to upskill, educate, and nurture creativity in women from any and all walks of life. If you are keen to take these skills in the direction of art and large scale sculpture, that's amazing! If you'd like to utilize this introductory course to get into a new career field, fantastic! If you just wanna make garden art, be my guest! By giving yourself the opportunity to step into this field, you are unlocking doors full of future potential.



This course will cover all the basics of metal fabrication, alteration and welding. We will work intensively to upskill you if you've already got some basic skills, and/or teach you from the ground up if this is where you are at.


The course will cover the following:


Safety overview, warehouse and studio tour, tool and component indepth overview.

Metal alteration and power tools: cutting, shaping, grinding, drilling.

Hand power tools and table-mounted power tools.

Cold bending & cold joining techniques.

MIG welding: safety overview, "how it works", welding basics & patterns

Joining metals: butt, T, angle joins.

OXY welding: safety overview,"how it works", heating, melting, bending, welding & cutting.

Clean up! Surface refinement, textures and finishing.



There are two groupings of classes, each will meet every 3rd sunday with an optional (buy-in) Open Studio Session in the mix. Select which STARTING date you prefer to attend, and whether you are opting in for the Open Studio Sessions, as designated by which ticket price you purchase.


The Open Studio Sessions are absolute GOLD, they allow you to come to the warehouse, utilize any and all tools that we have been working with up until that date, have access to metal resources and consumables, and have full access to the welding bay and equipment. In addition, the instructor, assistants, and studio manager will drop by from time to time and can help you with your practice pieces or whatever personal project you've launched into making. This is where you will get the most out of this course!!

The Open Studio Sessions enable you to take what you've learned in class, engage your radical self-reliance, and show up to utilize the space and it's resources. By doing this, you are able to hone your skills and deepen your understanding of metal fabrication and welding in ways that simply will not be possible during class time. If you're actually here to learn and challenge yourself, you MUST take part in the Open Studio Sessions that are available to you! Consider all of this before you opt for the cheaper version of the course!


Group A Dates SOLD OUT
Group B Dates
Open Studio Sessions
May 8
May 15
May 29
June 5
June 12 SOLD OUT
June 19
June 26
July 10
July 17
July 24 SOLD OUT
July 31
Aug 7
Aug 21
Aug 28



14 Lewis St, North Coburg, VIC, 3058, Australia Get Directions


Check out this blog post by the creatress of this event:

NORM is a warehouse full of workshop, studio and shared creative space.

You can email for more information regarding this course.