Sex on Sunday Auditions

Multiple Dates

520 Lady Street, Columbia, SC, United States


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Multiple Dates

About the Event

Auditions for SEX ON SUNDAY

A play by Chisa Hutchinson

Directed by Eric Bultman




March 19th – 7:00pm

March 20th – 7:30pm


WHERE: Black Box



WHAT TO PREPARE: Please be prepared to do cold-readings from the script, as well as play some improv games.


THE STORY: Sex on Sunday explores how we deal with our desires, fetishes, taboos, and the world around us that may not understand. When Laila moves into a new place uptown, she has to work a little harder than most to fit in. Surrounded by conservative neighbors, Laila is trying her best to make new connections while keeping her business private – which becomes increasingly difficult when she starts dating a submissive, and the girls start nosing up in her business. Laila’s life becomes even more difficult when the husband of one of those neighbors becomes obsessed with Laila and blackmails her into offering him her service. Sex on Sunday masterfully challenges taboos on sex, race, relationships, and gender bias leaving everyone involved begging for more.


NOTE: Please be aware that this show is for mature audiences and has sexual themes and onstage sexuality.



LAILA MEEKS mid-30s, a tall, dark, black woman; a professional dominatrix

MATT KESSLER mid-30s, white, a submissive, one of Lailas regulars

ODETTE PRICE early-40s, black, Lailas uptight, uber-organized neighbor

JAMES PRICE mid-40s, black, Odettes husband

RACQUEL STEVENS late-30s, black , Lailas neighbor, divorced and proud of it


STACEY ALDERMAN mid-30s, black, another neighbor, sweet and tragically single

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