Living without Limits - Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Saturday, 07 January 2017, 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM [GMT]


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Join me for an additional Q&A session and delicious Canapes and a glass of champagne after the event. It's a perfect opportunity to meet some amazing women and build your social circle. As the saying goes: your network is your net worth!

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Event Information

Saturday, 07 January 2017, 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM [GMT]

About the Events



Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to know that the next year of your life, could be the best year of your life?

And what would it feel like to have that happen year after year? Regardless of your circumstances or what life may throw at you?


Living a life without limitations is about an overall better life experience. It’s about creating daily living that lights you up and fills your soul with joy. It’s about creating actions that serve you and those around you best. It’s about small changes, small tweaks.


It’s ultimately about growing into your best self.


But how? What you’ve done so far in your life has gotten you to where you are today, but what got you here will not get you there…


The real questions we need to ask ourselves is this:

1. Who must I become?

2. How can I start living this truth?

3. What are the daily practices I need to embrace and develop to get me to that place of maximum fulfilment and joy?


What are the key areas you want to grow in? Is it your confidence? Is it your health? Is it your relationships? Your marriage? Your finances? Perhaps it’s a greater level of self-care and personal development to reach your full potential in your career?


Together we look at some of the key areas where we as mothers and women can grow and develop to create an overall better life experience for ourselves and for our families.


It’s ultimately about being the best mother YOU can be. About being the best wife to YOUR husband and about being true to yourself in the process.

There are so many roles we fill as mothers, that the demands can be so taxing. Which is why we will discover ways in which we can create more balance in the key areas of our lives.


My journey started when I realised that in order for me to be fulfilled and experience a life without limitations, I needed to work on me first.

And as I evolved and grew, so those around me did too, and gradually my entire world started to change. Often what needs to change most in our world, is our perception of ourselves and the way we experience life. It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about becoming the best version of the real you!


If this is you, and you are ready to step into discovering and growing into being that awesome version of you then join me for this 3-hour workshop full of fun, laughter, discovery and growth.


Some of the key areas we will work on and explore together are:


  • Creating a vision/plan for the next year ahead
  • Creating the positive habits that support your plan
  • Cultivating an attitude that inspires change
  • Removing drama and creating simplicity
  • The truth about getting things done!


While most of us know that change, however, simple it may seem, is never easy. And many of us have failed often in creating major changes with our health and relationships at times. And this is not just another new years resolution I want to help you make.


It’s about creating small habits that make the major shifts over time. It’s about doing things that work for YOU. Changes that serve YOU. In the long run.


And it will all be worth it.


Getting more out of your life will initially seem like hard work, but soon the results will far outweigh the work.  And it’s a never-ending process.


If you lay the foundations right, it becomes a lifestyle and eventually a life, that is limitless in its possibilities!








Tea Staegemann is the CEO of

She is known for her positive attitude, her resilience in life and in business and her ability to keep pushing ahead and overcome the obstacles life may throw at her. 

Tea struggled with depression for a large part of her life. She tried counselling, therapy and even medication. It was when she realised that the power to overcome her depression and negative thought patters, her tendency to play the victim and her anger and resentments issues lay within understanding her own mind, that her world started to change. That moment she realised that what got her to where she was, will not get her to where she wants to be, was the moment many things changed. 

She has studied and researched and read relentlessly over the past 5 years to learn how to help others win the battle within their own minds too.

From procrastination to self-doubt and self-sabotage to forgiveness and greater confidence through powerful affirmations and speech. 

She now teaches and guides women all over the world to Choose joy and overcome whatever obstacle may come their way! 


About the Organizer

Téa Staegemann is a passionate motivator, speaker and mentor. She boldly leads women to living more confidently by being proud of who their are. By embracing their true self, by being brave and vulnerable, and to live their full potential.

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