KanDDDinsky 2018

Thu, 18 October 2018, 8:00 AM - Fri, 19 October 2018, 6:00 PM [WEST]

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 32, Berlin, Berlin, Germany


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Regular Conference Ticket Partial Approval -€750.00

Sales end on -16/10/2018

+ 2 day Conference pass + Lunch + Coffee/tea/snacks breaks

Regular Conference + Hotel Ticket Partial Approval - €949.00

Sales end on -16/10/2018

+ 2 day Conference pass + Lunch + Coffee/tea/snacks breaks + 2 nights at H2 Hotel (check in Oct 17th 2018)

Workshop - Applying (D)DDD and CQ(R)S to Cloud Architectures with Benjamin Nothdurft Partial Approval -€550.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Many software architectures may benefit from the introduction of (Distributed) Domain-Driven Design and Command Query (Responsibility) Separation. No matter if you are maintaining large legacy software systems wether you start a new microservices platform as greenfield approach one always has to think about the domain language and service design. In this workshop we want to show you at a given example application how to get started with introducing domain models, bounded contexts and implementing CQRS where it makes most sense while trying to avoid the technical debt trap e.g. misconceptions and fallacies

Workshop - Patterns for the People with Kevlin Henney Partial Approval - €699.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Apparently, everyone knows about patterns. Except for the ones that don't. Which is basically all the people who've never come across patterns... plus most of the people who have. Singleton is often treated as a must-know pattern. Patterns are sometimes considered to be the basis of blueprint-driven architecture. Patterns are sometimes seen as a fixed set of ideas to apply within a school of thinking and practice, such as DDD. Patterns are also seen as something you don't need to know any more because you've got frameworks, libraries and middleware by the download. Or that patterns are something you don't need to know because you're building on diagrams, legacy code or emergent design. All these and more are misconceptions about patterns.

Workshop - DDD Modelling vs Implementation with Mathias Verraes Partial Approval -€699.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

The design patterns from Domain-Driven Design are gradually entering the collective consciousness of software developers. But most of the information out there focuses on mechanistic implementation details of the patterns: how to make an Entity in [insert favourite programming language], how to use the Repository pattern with [insert new hot ORM], how to make immutable Value Objects in [insert legacy framework]... Applied individually, these patterns are useful, but are not giving you the full potential of Domain-Driven Design. This one day training has a different approach. We address technical concerns in implementing the DDD patterns, but the focus is on the underlying principles and heuristics for building great domain-centric object-oriented code.

Workshop - Unconditional Code with Michael Feathers Partial Approval - €699.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Many systems are full of error checks and conditional logic. They introduce discontinuities that make reasoning difficult. How do we tackle this at the code and design level? In this workshop, Michael Feathers will present a conceptual frame for approaching decision logic and potential error conditions within systems that will help you move your systems to greater simplicity regardless if whether you are using the OO or FP paradigm.

Workshop - Strategic Autonomous Design Applied with Nick Tune & Zsófia Herendi Partial Approval -€699.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Learn how to model a complex system and break it down into cohesive bounded contexts through hands-on group activities. This session will teach you skills you can immediately begin applying in your organisation to improve the autonomy of your software services and the teams that build and run them. This session will involve modelling a complex domain with Event Storming and then applying strategic modelling heuristics to various scenarios involving a variety of challenging business, organisational, and technical goals and constraints. Lots of curve balls will be thrown at you, and you’ll learn how to apply strategic modelling heuristics and find the best bounded contexts whatever the business goals, organisational realities and technical constraints may be.

Workshop - Chaos Engineering Deep Dive with Russ Miles Partial Approval - €699.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Chaos Engineering is a relatively new term for a practice that has been successfully applied by some of the largest and most complex production systems for some time. If you’re working with large-scale, complex systems (see: Microservices and distributed systems in general) then you will likely benefit from building confidence in your systems using the Chaos Engineering approach. Chaos Engineering is an empirical discipline for defining experiments where the weaknesses of a complex, or even chaotic, system can be explored, discovered and eventually rectified. Most frequently practiced in Production, Chaos Engineering helps you learn about your system so that it can be continuously improved in the face of current and future conditions.

Workshop - Surviving Legacy Code with J. B. Rainsberger Partial Approval -€999.00

Sales end on -19/10/2018

Friends don't let friends remain afraid to change their code. In this full-day workshop, we'll discuss and practise techniques for rescuing legacy code (the easy part), managing the work involved (the harder part), and navigating the people involved (the hardest part, by far). We'll spend most of the day refactoring some lovably annoying code, but we'll reserve part of the day to discuss how Theory of Constraints, Getting Things Done, and the Satir Interaction Model can help you with the legacy code work that goes beyond the code. Bring a computer with a working programming environment, including version control. We'll provide the code for you to work on. Also bring your biggest doubts and your toughest questions. If we can't solve your problems, we'll help you figure out how to figure out how to solve them.

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Event Information

Thu, 18 October 2018, 8:00 AM - Fri, 19 October 2018, 6:00 PM [WEST]

About the Event

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and educate the working programmers with all degrees of experience in Domain Driven Design and to help them connect. The community in Europe is growing fast, and we provide help and guidance for those who experiment with DDD, and nurish a culture of experimenting, learning and sharing. We believe that software development is about business solutions first, and that we can gain a lot for everyone by bringing the right people together.

Your benefit

Learn how to use Domain Driven Design in your projects directly from acclaimed experts and authors. Tackle complexity in the heart of software. Together with an international cast of DDD practitioners you will strive towards better code, better architecture and better models. We aspire to bring fundamental Domain Driven Design to the hearts and minds of all Developers, Project Managers and Stakeholders.

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