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Meet Emilo Santos,

Spanish Obstetrician

Dont miss this chance to speak to a doctor who specialises in natural birth.

Emilio Santos Leal is a OBYGN who dedicate his life to change birth in Spain. During his OBYGN training he used to accompany home births, in the hand of his mentor, the experienced midwife Consuelo Ruiz.

Nowadays he provides home birthand water birth assistance.He is authour or several books and publications

Please see extract from his websitewhich has been translated into Engish.

In 2003 I joined the midwife Consuelo Ruiz Velez-Frias together to attend home births pregnant, as she had been doing and advocating since the mid 20th century in the two years left of life taught me everything I knew. I had decided to devote my professional life to providing mothers and babies experience the healthy, happy, loving born as nature intends. So I attend the BIRTH AT HOME with calm, respect and security that the birth of your child requires. I also offer monitoring of pregnancy, ultrasound 4D and advice for fertility. And I accompany families during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, always ensuring the diagnostic accuracy but also the emotional, some little maintained, such as privacy, freedom and grandeur. Also, through my Publicationsand COURSES , I work for a model of care that, based on scientific evidence, to ensure a healthy and safe for our children.

And this decision was based on a thought: if a human being is capable of as complex as seeing, thinking, talking or calculate things, if a human baby is able in just nine months to train all its organs a perfect way how You can explain that nature fails to how easy? How can it be that one in four women need a cesarean section to give birth? Could it be that we are doing something wrong ?. And indeed, childbirth, as it was conceived in past centuries, we are witnessing a too far from what nature intends way. Therefore, to improve the delivery, just closer to nature. In 2003 I joined Consuelo Ruiz and, teaming with her, for the last 3 years of his life, learned and picked up his legacy. The legacy of a midwife who always believed in the ability of women to give birth. Without interfering.

In 2010 the publisher Anaya suggested I write a book, Pregnancy and Childbirth ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (Collection "Clumsy") . I was struck by the title. I always believed that those who choose a delivery of minimum intervention is because they are smart. But I wrote it. For Dummies. We are all awkward if you take away the power that we have innate. I am also co-author of THE EMPTY CRADLE (Sphere 2009) .


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