Crossing the Line Summit

Friday, 10 November 2017, 8:45 AM - 6:30 PM [AEST]

Level 34, 200 George Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


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Event Information

Friday, 10 November 2017, 8:45 AM - 6:30 PM [AEST]

About the Events

Since our first Sydney Summit in February 2017, a huge number of current and former athletes have spoken out about the mental and practical challenges they face, making the need for further Summits clear. On Friday 10 November, we’ll be joined by current and former athletes, and a variety of sporting experts, for a deeper dive into mental health, identity and why athletes need dual pathways. With empowering panels and hands-on workshops, the Summit will be packed with actionable insights and practical information, opportunities and tools.

Key topics

We’ll be covering:

  • Athlete mental health
  • The concept of identity
  • Building dual pathways
  • Building and managing an online brand
  • Understanding addiction
  • Transferable business skills
  • Staying on top of finances
  • Digital nutrition (how to embrace social media without losing your mind!)
  • Giving players a voice
  • The latest research into athlete transition



Join elite athletes and sporting experts, including:

  • Kim Brennan (Olympic rowing)
  • Matthew Mitcham (Olympic diving)
  • Al Baxter (ARU)
  • Mike Pyke (AFL)
  • Dan Conn (NRL)
  • Sione Faumuina (NRL)
  • Ed Fernon (Olympic pentathlon and endurance athlete)
  • James Chapman (Olympic rowing)
  • Daniela di Toro (Paralympic tennis)
  • Sarah Rose (Paralympic swimming)
  • Sarah Cook (Olympic rowing and sailing)
  • Jemma Dessauvagie (Australian water polo)
  • Jared Howes (Pro surfing)
  • Kath Koschel (Australian cricket)
  • Chris Mordue, athlete counsellor
  • Deidre Anderson, psychologist and sports transition specialist
  • Rene Poulos, psychologist and career development expert
  • Jocelyn Brewer, psychologist and digitial nutrition expert
  • Sam Mutimer, online branding expert
  • Kerry McCabe, CEO, Players' Voice
  • Adam Canwell, Global Leader, Leadership, EY


How the sporting world is embracing mental health

  • Why sound mental health is so important in the sporting world.
  • The importance of creating a culture within your sporting organisation that embraces mental health awareness.
  • How to create a stigma-free environment for athletes, where sound mental health is seen as a key part of being an excellent athlete, a well-rounded human an enabler of a smoother transition.

Who am I, without my sport?

  • Athlete identity crisis: the mental and emotional effects of retirement – why loss of identity is an issue and what can be done.
  • How to find an identity away from sport by discovering passion and purpose, from athletes who have achieved that.
  • Why it’s important to build a ‘dual pathway’.     
  • Duty of care: what responsibility do sporting bodies have to facilitate dual pathways/identity outside of sport?


The day will include three workshops running concurrently in the morning and three running concurrently in the afternoon. Pick the workshop that most suits your interests or area of expertise. Don’t worry, there will be takeaways from each workshop at the end of the event for all attendees.


Morning workshops

Workshop A: Mental health awareness: how to create a space safe

How to create a culture of mental health awareness in your team or sporting organisation. Where to start. What tools to use. How to reduce the stigma.


Workshop B: Sport and addiction: Understanding stress, wellbeing and relationships

How to identify and assist athletes with addiction issues on your team, and create a safe environment for athletes.

Workshop C: Creating and managing your online personal brand

How to create and manage a personal brand online in an effective and mentally healthy way.


Afternoon workshops

Workshop A: Building a dual career: avoiding identity crisis

Discovering your passion and purpose: why and how athletes can identify what excites them outside sport, and build a dual identity.

Workshop B: Transferable skills: what an athlete can bring to business

How transferable skills, such as commitment, dedication, goal setting, focus, can be used in the corporate world.
How to develop effective networking, communication and interviewing skills.

Workshop C: Staying on top of your finances

Strategies for managing your finances during and after your sporting career.












Panel: How the sporting world is embracing mental health



The lowdown on… (5- to 10-minute talk)



Morning tea and networking



3 x breakout workshops



Lunch and networking



The lowdown on… (5- to 10-minute talk)



Panel: Who am I, without my sport?



The lowdown on… (5- to 10-minute talk)



3 x breakout workshops






EY launch, drinks and networking



Event Location

About the Organizer

Crossing the Line Sport is an independent, not for profit organisation to prepare athletes for and support them through the transition from sportsperson to "real life". We are a team of ex-atheltes, psychologists and mentors who have lived the experience and are sharing our lessons with the next generation of athletes.


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