ArtFusion Event by K. Boyd

Wed, September 20 2017, 8:00 AM - Sat, September 30 2017, 4:00 PM [EST]

84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States


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Art Resin - Evening class Partial Approval -$250.00

Two evenings with Igor Turovskiy Wednesday Evening, September 20 & Thursday, September 21 Create art pieces using mica powder and resin

Artscapes by Beki Partial Approval - $200.00

Friday, September 22 Beki VanMeter Students will create a mixed media, functional art piece using several products - including metallic foils, crackle plasters, reactive paints and epoxy. This process easily translates into canvas art and can be used to create fabulous countertop and furniture finishes.

The Business of Countertops Partial Approval -$250.00

Friday, September 22 Igor Turovskiy You will learn the basics to get you started in using an epoxy overlay system on countertops.

Encaustic , a whirlwind trip Partial Approval - $240.00

Friday, September 23 Lora Murphy •What encaustic medium and paint are made from and how is it made •Brief history •Health and safety •Establish the set up and discuss what materials are needed for working with encaustic paint •Demonstrate how to prime a substrate and then have class properly prime their substrate •Discuss color mixing, extending paints with medium, tinting strengths of paint •Show basic encaustic application and build up of paint. • Building of layers, color mixing and creating glazes. •Demonstrate a variety of ways in which to create surface textures . •Collage and the incorporation of various dry mixed media including papers, plant material, fibers, metal using the encaustic technique. •Working with gold leaf ,panpastels and stencil, and incorporating mixed media including, oil sticks, inks, and panpastels •Image transfer onto wax using dry pigment, such as charcoal and graphite. Using personal drawings students will transfer their drawings on

Metamorphosis Partial Approval -$175.00

Sunday 1/2 day class starting at 8am.

Mastering Plaster Partial Approval - $250.00

Saturday Dean Sickler Take the mystery out of natural and synthetic textures. Learn how and why cement, plaster of paris, slaked lime, acrylic polymers and aggregates are mixed and used. Learn how to make your own venetian plasters, lime paint, concrete imitation and synthetic textures.

Flo-Fusion Partial Approval -$150.00

Wednesday 6pm Acrylic flow techniques. Learn about cells and lacing, dirty pour techniques and lots of other things

Reverse Psychology: Painting On Glass Partial Approval - $250.00

Debbie Hayes Wednesday, September 20 Painting on glass - verre eglamisé - dates back to pre-Roman times. It's all about reversing your thought process, and the steps you take, to achieve fabulous and sometimes unexpected results.

Event Pass Must Be Purchased! Partial Approval -$65.00

Because this is a not for profit event, the Event Pass goes towards the venue rental, after class activities and numerous other expenses.  This charge is essentially the same as you pay for other events and convention type functions.  You will need to add the Event Pass to your cart during the registration process. Please note that after September 10, you may be too late to get an event swag gift at the Fauxtini party.

You Should be Gellin - Evening class Partial Approval - $175.00

Saturday evening, September 23 Trish McKinney You Should Be Gellin’ – Experimental Mono-Printing On Exciting Surfaces Class Description: Learn the exciting world of printmaking by using Gel-Press Plates with unusual textural elements on non-traditional surfaces to create layers of FUN! Students will experiment and pull several prints on a variety of unusual surfaces. Choosing their favorite print as the inspiration, students will finish by creating an abstract or representational painting - using the art of collage. At the end of class, students will say: “Where did the time go?!” – always an indication of pure, unadulterated, creative play!

Cali Love! Partial Approval -$175.00

Sunday, September 24 Camille Caballero Class Description: Faux Masters Studio is proud to be teaching at the ArtFusion event this year! Our instructor, Camille Caballero, will be teaching a few brand new finishes—featuring brand NEW PRODUCTS from Faux Effects! Bringing you design styles and trends with some California flavor, which will be modern, unique and beautiful!

Fabulous New Finishes with New Products Partial Approval - $95.00

Thursday morning class. Refresh your portfolio with the newest products just released by Faux Effects International.

Think Outside the Ink - Evening class Partial Approval -$100.00

Saturday evening. Michelle Simpson - An intro into basics of alcohol inks & acrylic flow techniques used individually or in conjunction with the other. It will be unique spin on creating complex , textural and modern looks

Multi-Media Abstract Landscape - Evening class Partial Approval - $150.00

Thursday Evening, September 21 Shauna Gallagher Every artist wants to pick up their tools and create a painting that captivates the viewer and is exciting to perceive. Creating a successful abstract isn’t as simple as it seems, and requires technique to create depth and meaning. In this class, you will complete a 16’ x 20” painting and explore the following techniques in the process: Using your imagination Foreground vs. Background Layering for depth and interest Color, value, and texture Get your hands into textures and paints, and enlighten your mind and your inner self in the process

Wanderlust Watermedia - Evening class Partial Approval -$175.00

Thursday Evening, September 21 Trish McKinney Class Description: If you have wanderlust- the desire to travel and explore - this class will speak your language! This well-traveled instructor will share her lovely travel journals and sketches from around the world and will share her secrets on how she creatively savors the essence of a place through words, imagery, and paint. Students will be guided through the process of how to record imagery from their favorite places in watercolors in a quick, easy watercolor sketch what Trish calls: "drawing with a brush." Student’s paintings will be combined with creative writing excercises and collaging ephemera as you create your own personalized travel memory journal. Trish will share with the students the journey of how these sketches then inspire finished paintings the artist calls: “moments”. If time allows, students will then create covers for their own travel book for their sketches! (handout provided) Come and be transported

Cabinet Masters Top Gun Series Partial Approval - $475.00

Cabinet class with Henri Menendez and Ande Crenshaw.

From Walls to Canvas Partial Approval -$210.00

Thursday, September 21 Sandra Gonzalez Update your portfolio with six stunning sellable sample boards to dazzle your clients. This class is designed with you the artist in mind. Expand your profit margin with the versatility to create these samples as decorative finishes or fine art. These finishes work equally as well on accent walls, ceilings and domes, art niche’s and canvas paintings. You will produce six sample boards utilizing multiple product lines.

BAS-- IT's How You Spell Relief (2) day class Partial Approval - $350.00

Wednesday, September 20 - Thursday, September 21 Class length: Two day Instructor: Ellie Ellis Class Description: Bas-relief is a very unique form in the decorative arts today. Learn what it takes to create a good bas-relief which gives the illusion that the images are emerging from the surface of the panel and not simply stuck on top of the panel Learn to mold, carve, and sculpt your way to the depth, beauty, and texture of bas-relief.

Coastal Coordinates Partial Approval -$225.00

Saturday, September 23 Patti Halstead Class Description:The Vacation Industry is where it's happening! We are creating relaxing Furniture/Cabinet & Wall Finishes that are perfect for Coastal Interiors...they mix and match beautifully. These finishes are for furniture, cabinets and accessories as well as walls. Fresh new Coastal Color Stories. Environmentally friendly products and techniques.

Modern Finishing- MORE spots added! Partial Approval - $225.00

Friday, September 22 Sheri Zeman

Oil and Cold Wax - Evening class Partial Approval -$195.00

Lora Murphy Class length: Two evenings Wednesday, September 20 - Thursday, September 21 Class Description: Even those with no experience in painting will love the art of Cold wax . Exciting and freeing are two of the words that can be applied to this method of painting . Learn to layer transparent and opaque passages of colour , scraping back to reveal wonderful textures and luminous passages . Work figuratively or abstractly with confidence and abandon and create gorgeous works that are truly original.

Best Damn Cabinet Class Ever (2) day class Partial Approval - $475.00

Wednesday, September 20 - Thursday, September 21 Class length - 2 days Instructors - Ande Crenshaw and Henri Mendendaz

Painting with Reactives (2) day class Partial Approval -$400.00

Wednesday, September 20 - Thursday, September 21 Class length: Two day Instructor: Ali Kay Class Description: Realistic patinas are all the rage in today's design world! Reactive paints allow artists to achieve an endless spectrum of effects. In this workshop you will learn to incorporate reactive paints, plasters, and textures into pieces of fine art. Techniques demonstrated include, image transfer, embedded designs, loose brushwork, and color selection.

Carved Concrete - (2) day class Partial Approval - $450.00

Two day class. Saturday, September 23 & Sunday, September 24 Cindee Lundin Carved Concrete

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Event Information

Wed, September 20 2017, 8:00 AM - Sat, September 30 2017, 4:00 PM [EST]

About the Event

The hippest event of the year for Decorative Painters is back and scheduled for North Carolina, September 20 - 24, 2017.

Join us for a week of workshops, product and tool demonstrations, exhibitors, and event parties.  The best part is exploring the latest trends and tools in the industry while meeting and connecting with others in an atmosphere of friendship, sharing and learning.

Although this event was created for Decorative Painters, this is the fusion of multi art forms and artists, in the hope that we will all grow our skills, portfolio, and most importantly, ourselves. Professionals as well as interested newcomers are welcome to attend.

Get all the details on the website. and join our interactive Facebook group.  


 Wednesday, September 20

Day classes

 Ellie Ellis – Bas Relief  - day 1 of 2  

 Ali Kay - Painting with Reactives  - day 1 of 2  

 Ande Crenshaw and Henri Menendez – Cabinets - day 1 of 2   Technique/Spraying/Production finishing

Debbie Hayes - Reverse Psychology: Painting On Glass    Metal reactives+ glass techniques 

Evening Classes

Igor Turovskiy – Art Resin (day 1 of 2)   Epoxy resin art

Beki VanMeter - Flo-Fusion   Acrylic flow techniques

Lora Murphy - Oil and Cold Wax (day 1 of 2)   Encaustic


Thursday, September 21

Day Classes

Ellie Ellis – Bas Relief - day 2   

Ali Kay – Painting with Reactives - day 2

Ande Crenshaw and Henri Menendez - day 2

Sandra Gonzalez – From Walls to Canvas   Decorative painting

Sheri Zeman - Product update class


Evening classes

Igor – Art Resin (day 2) 

Shauna Gallagher - Multi-Media Abstract Landscape   Canvas art

Lora Murphy - Oil and Cold Wax (day 2) 

Trish McKinney - Wanderlust Watermedia    Watercolor


Friday, September 22

Day classes

Igor Turovskiy - Epoxy Countertops; Getting started.  Epoxy

Sheri Zeman - Modern Finishing    Decorative painting

Beki VanMeter – ArtScapes by Beki    Art Resin

Lora Murphy - Encaustic, a whirlwind trip  


Friday Evening

Exhibitors and demonstrations.

Art Sale

Fauxtini Party - Live music - and surprises!


Saturday, September 23

Cindee Lundin – World Class Concrete Tile and Innovative New Concepts in Concrete- day 1 of 2    Carved concrete

Dean Sickler - Mastering Plastering    Italian/Venetian plaster

Patti Halstead Schlotterlein - Coastal Coordinates    Cabinet and wall finishes

Oscar Urruela -  "Scagliola" from the Italian baroque to the present day.   Wet plaster techniques


Saturday evening

Michelle Simpson  - Think outside the ink    Alcohol ink

Trish McKinney – You Should be Gellin    Gel stains

Saturday evening entertainment


B I N G O  Tons of prizes including Wagner Sprayers, products, classes, tools, cash and more.


Live music!


Sunday, September 24

Cindee Lundin – World Class Concrete Tile and Innovative New Concepts in Concrete- day 2

Camille Caballero – Cali Love!    Decorative painting

 Henri Menedez and Ande Crenshaw- Cabinet Masters - Top Gun Series


Demonstrations throughout the day.


NO refunds will be given, under any conditions after May 1, 2017.

Event Location

About the Organizer

For questions use the contact form on the ArtFusion Event website or Kathy Boyd and Ande Crenshaw.


Event Sponsors