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Better Days Registration - Sept 18th

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Better Days – A Mental Health Recovery Workshop with Craig Lewis

Friday September 18th, 6:30 – 9:00 pm


This cost for this workshop is $40 (includes a copy of the ‘Better Days – A Mental Health Recovery Workbook). Preregistration required.


Workshop Description:


This workshop is intended to help guide each individual toward embracing and benefiting from the innate and experiential self-expertise that exists within each one of us. Life is certainly challenging at times and the reality is that we all feel pain and know what struggle, hurt and upset feel like. However, how we manage and cope with what life throws at us, is our choice. Craig Lewis, the facilitator of this workshop, is a Certified Peer Specialist, and a person who has fought his way through debilitating despair and dysfunction, in order to have the privilege to be able to help others do the same. This workshop enthusiastically nurtures the concept that being personally responsible for our words and actions is integral for us to be able to live a happy, healthy and satisfying life. Without any question, self-expertise, examining our thoughts and actions and intentionally choosing to take self-identified and directed steps forward, results in Better Days.


Workshop Goals:


·    Identify that each individual has a wealth of insight and understanding that can be applied toward their wellness journey.

·    Instill that introspective examination of one’s thoughts and actions, past, present and future, can result in increased periods of peace and wellness throughout their lives.

·    Develop and embrace a realistic perspective on how to handle the many challenges that arise in life and to do so while being less impacted by the disruption that those challenges may bring.



Workshop Details:


Craig will share some of his story of what he experienced throughout his life and how he got to where is today. This workshop includes an introduction to perspectives that can help one live more peacefully and with less disruption to their lives; Breakout groups using sample Better Days worksheets; Group discussion; Q&A; All workshop attendees will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect; Validation, hopefulness, personal responsibility, empowerment and the belief that life can improve, will be the strongest messages conveyed.


Contact the Better Days Workshop facilitator, Craig Lewis, at: with any questions and for more information about the Better Days workbook, workshop and for any other reason. WWW.BETTERDAYSRECOVERY.COM


TESTIMONIALS (from community based workshops):


#1 Craig Lewis's "Better Days" workshop was a breath of fresh air and a real treat for me on multiple levels. Candid, open and straight forward, Craig shared his own experience of struggles with a dysfunctional family, abuse of power, and the gross negligence on the part of various mental health care providers that had left him scarred emotionally, mentally, and physically. He discussed the tools and inner resources that have helped him to rise above the debilitating feelings of alienation, despair, and the marginalized existence along the way. I found this to be very helpful, because on more than one occasion I've observed traditional therapy providers (to whom we typically expose the most painful details of our personal struggles) maintaining an affront that seems to lack the empathy evident in someone who is a true peer with lived experience of struggle and recovery.   


Craig engaged the participants in an active discussion about intentional living, and mindful handling of conflicts that rise along the way. He stressed the validity of our own experience, self-knowledge, and the fact that we are, truly, our own best authority and expert on the journey to recovery. I highly recommend this workshop (and the workbook that Craig has created) to anyone seeking to improve their own well-being journey.


#2 Craig's workshop provided a remarkably safe and empowering space to dig deeply within, and to emerge with powerful insight into how we who suffer from various difficulties of the mind, body and spirit can begin to take back our agency and embark on a sustainable recovery process. Craig has an extraordinary ability to conduct his interactive workshops in a manner that levels the playing field. His forthright, sincere self-disclosures in relating the narratives of his own struggles open up a venue in which others may speak, listen and learn, unburdened from the strictures of social position. This project is innovative, honest, and effective ground-up mental health recovery and support work that offers sincere and viable methods for personal change and well-being.




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