17 October 2013 05:00 PM till 10:30 PM

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Pesto stuffed chicken with Vegetable risotto, mixed green salad
Sale Ended $50.00 $1.00
Dinner - Vegetarian
Oh come on. . . Its becket's. . . It will be great!
Sale Ended $50.00 $1.00
Buy dinner for a performing musician
Help make our generous starving musicians. . . well. . . less starving. They are donating their time, and sacrificing their own livelihood to help support another musician. By buying one of them dinner you are helping offset our costs so more can be directed to Jesse and Stephanie.
Sale Ended $20.00 $1.00
Dinner - Under age 16
Sale Ended $35.00 $1.00
Show of Support
This is not an exclusive fundraiser! Even if you can't make make dinner we would just love to have you there! Come show your support at any time during the event, catch some great music and meet some wonderful people.
Sale Ended Free Free
Donation typeSale ends  
If you cannot attend your online support is still greatly appreciated. If you plan on attending the event but do not want dinner, please donate cash or check payable to Jesse or Stephanie Gyldenvand at the event.
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Event Description

We are thankful Jesse and Stephanie are alive!  On September 26th they were hit by a drunk driver and Jesse suffered a broken neck and mulitpule head injuries.  Miraculously, Stephanie was released from the hospital two days after the accident.


The Need:  Jesse is a guitar instructor and will not be able to teach for at least a few more weeks.  Subsiquently they are losing income now!  They also will need a new car.  They are insured and the major medical bills will be covered and probably a little for the Jeep but not much.  They have also incurred imediate out of pocket expenses for loss of personal belongings (eye glasses, etc)


Our goal: $5,000-$8,000 to help replace Jesse's income in the short term and also help them purchase a new vehicle.  


The Event:

-5:00 Coctails (cash bar)

-6:00 Dinner with the Jazz Orgy (RSVP by Oct 10th):

-7:15 Auralai:

-8:15 The Guilty Wanted:

-9:15 The Traveling Suitcase:


Support:  All are welcome to attend at any time to show support and enjoy some of the areas finest bands.  Advanced reservations are required for dinner only by Oct 10th.  If you CANNOT attend, you may still donate online through this site.  Donations of cash and check will be accepted at any time during the event payable to Jesse or Stephanie Gyldanvand.  You may also help off set our costs by purchasing dinner for a musician that will be performing during the event.


THANK YOU!!!!!  Your support for these two amazing people is so greatly appreciated


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Becket's Atrium
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