Our Alaska Lives Conference 2014

03 April 2014 09:00 AM till 05 April 2014 05:00 PM

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Military Life and the Counseling Relationship Saturday 4/5 @ 1:30 pm
this ticket allows entrance to the "Military Life and the Counseling Relationship" workshop only Saturday 4/5/2014 on the campus of Alaska Pacific University (4101 University Drive) in the CMH2Hill Boardroom in the Carr-Gottstein Building
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Our Alaska Lives 2014

 Important Notice:  Our Venue has changed!  The conference will be held on the campus of Alaska Pacific University.  We have a discount rate at the Spring Hill Suites University Lake which is adjacent to the campus.  Mention "Our Alaska Lives" conference.  Apologies for the inconvenience.


Conference Registration on-site at the following rates:

Thursday $100

Friday $175

Saturday $175

All 3 days $350


Thursday April 3, 2014 Schedule


9am to Noon


Supervision 101:  All the basics to get you started or updated in your supervision practice, with up to date information from research in the field.   ***Sponsored by Alaska Counseling Association***  3CE


The Ethics of Collaborative Law:  What are the ins and outs of working with other professionals?  How do you manage confidentiality, best practice, client interest, and competing views when working through difficult situations like divorce?  How does the collaborative law process encourage healthy communication and family system connections?  3 CE   ***Sponsored by Alaska Association of Collaborative Professionals***


Understanding and Assessing Attachment in Early Childhood:  Understanding the role of attachment in early childhood is critical to providing treatment to young children and their families.  This workshop will focus on exploring the attachment relationship and recognizing patterns of attachment in early childhood.  Particular attention will be paid to recognizing attachment behaviors of both the child and parent as well as within the child parent dyad.  3 CE  ***Sponsored by Alaska Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health***


Lunch on your own


1:30 to 4:30


Ethics in Supervision: Combined with the morning session in supervision, this workshop completes the hours needed to apply for the approved supervisor credential for the LPC.  The afternoon is also appropriate for seasoned supervisors who would like to continue their professional development in this area.  3 CE   ***Sponsored by Alaska Counseling Association***


Developmentally Focused Play in Early Childhood:  Understanding early childhood development is critical to choosing the right interventions for children and their families.  Being able to gauge emotional developmental milestones will lend some understanding to our ability to support the scaffolding needed to support the continued development of both the child and adult and their attachment relationship. 3CE  ***Sponsored by Alaska Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health***


Therapeutic Play in the Sand: Sandplay therapy is a non-verbal method of therapy developed by Dora M. Kalff. It is based on the works of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung and pioneering English pediatrician and play therapist Margaret Lowenfeld. At this workshop, we wish to explore the stories created in the sand and increase our understanding of the power of symbolism and archetypes. The workshop, with Tami Lubitsh, is interactive and experiential.  3 CE  ***Sponsored by the Alaska Association for Play Therapy***



Friday April 4, 2014 Schedule


9 to 10:30 Featured Keynote Speaker Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. ABPP

Enhancing cultural competence: Intersections between clinicians' and clients' strands of identities          

Learn how multiple and intersecting identities affect the clinical encounter, and get up to date on the concept of adversive bias. 1.5 CE                http://www.drlaurabrown.com/


10:45 to 12:15 Morning Breakout Sessions


Co-Parenting Through and Beyond Divorce:   This workshop will support the counselor's work as we help divorcing and/or separated parents process the emotionally charged conflicts in their relationship in an effort to prioritize their children's social-emotional needs. Whitney Whitman will share a developmental perspective on meeting children's needs through such family transitions, as well as discuss the important aspects of working with parents to create a consistent co-parenting plan.   1.5 CE


Toys Will Travel: Play Therapy in Alaska:   Practicing play therapy in Alaska is challenging and different.  Inclement weather and make-shift therapy rooms in schools and clinics of village settings require tenacity, invention, and the use of available materials.  This presentation will provide a collection of learned and invented theory and techniques which will allow you to integrate the practical with the effective, give you a host of Alaska-based play therapy interventions, and leave you with a whole new tool kit of on-the-go manipulatives. Kimber Olson will leave participants with a whole bag of ideas for their own "Portable Alaskan Play Therapy Kit." 1.5 CE


Clients as Spiritual Beings:  Many clinicians shy away from any discussion of religion or spirituality as part of a therapeutic intervention.  If we want to work with the whole person, we need to know how to talk with clients about their spiritual concerns, regardless of our own beliefs.  Linda King addresses how we might approach this topic in our work.  1.5 CE


12:20 to 1:25 Networking Luncheon (tickets available for purchase)


1:30 to 4:30 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Their turn for care: Working with survivors of childhood maltreatment dealing with the aging and death of abusive elders with
Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. ABPP          Adult survivors of childhood maltreatment experience complex bereavement issues when faced with the expectation to provide care to elders who have a history of being abusive.  Gender, culture, and other aspects of identity further complicate decisions about whether or how to engage during end of life transitions.  The Your Turn for Care decision making model can help clinicians and their clients with this difficult process. 3CE


Filial Play Therapy:  Working with parents to teach the basic structure of child-centered play therapy can provide enhanced relational development between parent and child.  It is an effective technique for most disorders ranging from opposition to anxiety to attachment concerns.  Learn what is filial therapy, when and when not to use filial, and understand the basic format used for implementation from Val Miraglia.  3 CE


Engaging Difficult Adolescents:  Katie Bell and Caroline Blair take you on a tour of creative interventions to use with adolescents who may be resistant to standard cognitive behavioral interventions. Participants will gain a basic overview of theory as it pertains to the neurobiological, psychological and social developmental needs in adolescents. They will learn and have the opportunity to try specific interventions that they can use in their practice with adolescents. Specific focus will be given to interventions for initial engagement and deepening the therapeutic process with difficult to engage youth.     3 CE



Saturday April 5, 2014 Schedule


9 to 10:30 Featured Keynote Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BCC  

Brain-Wise Art and Play Therapy: Emerging Research and Clinical Applications 

This keynote provides a basis for understanding the neurobiology of art and play therapy and some of the exciting research that underscores why art and play are essential to therapeutic practice.  Participants will learn some of the practical applications of art and play that can be adapted for use with children, adults, families and groups.  1.5 CE



10:45 to 12:15 Morning Breakout Sessions


Disorders of Relating and Communicating:  This workshop will explore the identification, evaluation and treatment of infants, toddlers and young children who demonstrate difficulty using communication skills to engage in and sustain social communication within relationships with their caregivers.  Increased understanding of the developmental processes of shared communication will be presented as well as evaluation tools to support diagnosis, including the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood: Revised Edition (DC:0-3R).  Participants will learn practical intervention strategies that support shared communication within caregiver-child relationships through play are and care-giving routines from Heidi Johnson.  1.5 CE


Family Therapy:  Leon Webber shares some of the wealth of knowledge and experience gained working in the state over his highly respected career.  1.5 CE


Troubling Sexual Behavior:  Therapists strive to maintain an attitude of positive regard for their clients throughout therapy, which can be difficult under certain circumstances, especially when emotions are triggered on the part of the therapist.  This presentation explores possible solutions for maintaining a therapeutic approach in the context of working with sexual content in therapy.  Content to be explored includes infidelity in couples counseling, compulsive/addictive sexual behavior, and bizarre or unsettling sexual practices.  Theory and research about counter-transference in therapy will be combined with experiential learning in a safe, non-threatening, non-demand setting with Chris Reynolds and Allen Blair. 1.5 CE


12:20 to 1:25 Networking Luncheon (tickets available for purchase)


1:30 to 4:30 Afternoon Breakout Sessions 


Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts ® and Play Therapy Interventions: Healing Trauma
and Building Resilience through the use of Play Therapy   Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BCC

Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy® is an approach to creative intervention with all individuals
including children and families and integrates neurodevelopment, somatic and sensory-based
approaches and creative arts therapies and play therapy to address trauma reactions and support
trauma recovery. Its objective is to assist children, adults and families in learning how mind and body
respond to the sensory aspects of traumatic events and how to enhance personal resilience and
"posttraumatic success." Participants will learn the basics of trauma-informed approaches, the five
components of trauma-informed arts and play therapy play-based practice, and how sensory-based
activities can be used to support trauma integration and resilience-building. In particular, how to use
the "expressive therapies continuum" as a framework for designing play therapy activities will be
discussed. Participants will engage in several hands-on activities including individual and group
interventions and sensory-based approaches to evaluation of child clients.  3CE


Soothing the Threatened Brain: Contact, Comfort and Connection with Emotionally Focused Therapy:   Shawnmarie Carpenter has studied with Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Alison Lee, creators of EFT. She will present the new research using fMRI which shows the validity of EFT in improving relationship dynamics.  This workshop is focused on learning the basics of EFT and how to apply it in therapy with couples and families. 3CE


Military Life and the Counseling Relationship:  This workshop is designed to give clinicians the basic understanding of the military system, how military life impacts individuals and families, and how to provide interventions that support those who serve.  3CE

This session free to community members not attending the remainder of the conference.  CE certificate available with donation.  Please register above.



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03 April 2014

9:00 AM

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