Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Clinic Annapolis, MD

28 April 2013 08:30 AM till 06:00 PM

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FDH clinic Maryland Liberty class
Participation in the Liberty Class (horse provided). Auditing the second day included.
Sale Ended $185.00 $1.00
FDH clinic Maryland Audit 1 day
Participation to Audit 1 day
Sale Ended $35.00 $1.00

Event Description

10 things you’ll learn at this clinic:

1. How to build a true Bond and Connection at Liberty that is the foundation for all other areas of interaction and training with your horse.
2. How to shorten learning time with a liberty-line-mounted progression;
3. How to get the performance you want by prioritizing your connection;
4. How to read, improve and maintain various aspects of your connection—on the ground or in the saddle;
5. What 6 things your horse needs from you, before he can give you his best;
6. The Dressage/Equine yoga exercises that are universally useful to all disciplines of riding. You’ll not only build trust and connection but bring out your horses suppleness, athleticism, symmetry, and strength for all Western and English pursuits;
7. How to turn challenges into trust, connection, and positive experience builders with creativity, patience and even fun! ;
8. How to make it fun for you and your horse to learn movements on the ground that translate to success in the saddle;
9. How to make a huge leap forward in both your connection and your performance;
10. How to overcome any fear or trauma associated with your horse.

FDH clinic outline and schedule

Day 1 8:30-5pm with breaks

Hands on Liberty Class (Horse provided)

9-12 (short break in between) Part 1 We will be learning theory and practice of exercises Inspired by Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals to increase Bond and Connection throughout interactions with your horse.

12pm Lunch

1-4 (short break between) Part 2 Continuation of learning theory and practice of exercises Inspired by Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals to increase Bond and Connection throughout interactions with your horse.

4-5 Demo

Lease horses are available for a 20.00 fee to use in private sessions if you wish to practice on a horse. This is highly recommended for people who could not bring their own horses to take home a firmer grasp of the material covered. Contact FDH for more info on leasing a horse.


Lodging info:



Stabling info and Health requirements:


Stabling Overnight Stabling $35/night Stall Fee $15/day


Chesapeake Dressage Institute Health Record Requirements Policy for Strangles Vaccination Due to the latest research, we will no longer be requiring horses to be immunized against Strangles. Unvaccinated horses will be stabled separately, and will have use of the outdoor wash stall. Please check your horse’s temperature before you arrive at the facility, and don’t come if your horse has a temperature, and/or runny nose. All horses entering the Chesapeake Dressage Institute's property for clinics/training should be immunized for Equine EHV - 1 (either modified live or killed vaccine) no later than 90 days prior to arrival on the property. Health records and required vaccines for trailer-in lessons, arena rentals and clinics: Negative Coggins Eastern and Western Encephalitis Influenza Potomac Horse Fever Rabies Strangles (recommended)

*SEE POLICY ABOVE Tetanus West Nile Rhinomune Herpes-related ( EHV-1) vaccine The Rhinomune vaccine should be given within 6 months of your visit to CDI, but not within the 7 days prior. It can actually be given up to four times per year. CDI also requests that your horse's temperature be taken the night before and the day of your visit. Please know your horse's normal temperature. Elevated temperatures are one of the very first symptoms of potential Herpes.






Cancellation Policy

Full refund if your place can be filled by someone you select or our organizers. No cancellations within two weeks of clinic.

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8:30 AM

8:30 AM

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Chesapeake Dressage Institute
2630 Mas Que Farm Rd.
United States

About the organizer

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship specializes in improving Connection, Communication and Calm Leadership using a unique Liberty-Line-Mounted progression to re-pattern common issues. Dressage based, Natural Horsemanship, Balanced seat riding, and Yoga principles for Show, Pleasure, English and Western. Emphasizing a strong Connection and Bond and putting the "Fun!" back in Fundamentals. Creative, fun exercises for the Natural Performance horse. Also specializing in working with fearful riders. All disciplines welcome!


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