Nightmare Nights Dallas

07 November 2013 06:00 PM till 10 November 2013 06:00 PM

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Artist Alley - Fri (Free)
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Attending - Phase 2
Attending level membership grants you access to all panels and events and includes a Nightmare Nights conbook. This is the registration cost for a 3 day attending level membership after October 17th, 2013.
Sale Ended $45.00 $1.00
Preferred Attending - Phase 2
We’re not fans of arriving to an event only to find that it’s already full. For less than most folks spend on Starbucks in a week, you can upgrade your badge. As long as you arrive at any event or panel before the doors open, we’ll put you ahead of other Attending members. Think of it as insurance. Insurance that goes to pay for critical children’s medical care. Pricing for a 3 day Preferred Attending membership after October 17th, 2013.
Sale Ended $60.00 $1.00
Sponsor - Phase 2
Sponsors are those members who decide to give a little extra…and get a little extra in return. These valued members will receive everything Preferred Attending level members do, plus a Nightmare Nights T-shirt, reserved seating for all panels, and a special art print. Pricing for a 3 day Sponsor level badge after October 17th, 2013
Sale Ended $110.00 $1.00
Friday 1-Day
A one day pass for Friday only.
Sale Ended $25.00 $1.00
Saturday 1-Day
A one day pass for Saturday only.
Sale Ended $25.00 $1.00
Sunday 1-Day
A one day ticket for Sunday only.
Sale Ended $20.00 $1.00
Vendor Additional Attendee
This is for vendors who wish to add a second person to their table. It is a 3 day Attending level pass.
Sale Ended $35.00 $1.00

Event Description

Nightmare Nights Dallas is an unofficial My Little Pony fan convention. We are a family-friendly event, welcoming fans of all ages with a primary focus on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic“. We welcome collectors, animation fans, and cosplayers of all generations, and hope to provide a fun & safe event for everyone and help raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to boot. Our guests include voice actors from the current show, Friendship is Magic, community artists and musicians, as well as members of the fandom media.


All money taken in from the charity auction, donation box, and 100% of funds left after expenses, will be donated to St. Jude Research Hospital.


All of our information can be found on our website,



07 November 2013

6:00 PM

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Crowne Plaza Addison
14315 Midway Road
United States

P: 1 (800) 972-2518

Nightmare Nights Dallas, LLC
Nightmare Nights Dallas is operated by the Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Association (DRAMA), Inc., a Texas-incorporated organization dedicated to advancing fan activities in the Dallas, TX, region and throughout the country.


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