02 November 2013 07:30 AM till 12:30 PM

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Session 1 - Financial Aid Concepts and Tuition Strategies for College
Discussion Leader: Maria Mainardi Session 1 - Room 2 Please join us for an educational workshop about everything you need to know about College Planning and Financial Aid for the future! We will discuss: how expensive college is and where prices are going, how financial aid is calculated and what that means for your family’s unique situation as well as the impact each college’s packaging can have on your overall out-of-pocket expense. With this information, we want to help put your family in the best position possible now so you're able to tackle the ever-increasing costs of college tuition later.
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Session 1 - Role of Elementary Guidance Counselors & How Parents Can Access Services
Discussion Leaders: Tori Rubbo, Amanda Blocklinger & Sara Heckman (@torirubbo @ablocklinger @mrssheckman) Session 1: Room 5 A review of an elementary guidance program will be provided. Classroom teachers will be present to share their experiences with incorporating the program into their classrooms on a daily basis. Strategies used during classroom meetings, social skills, keeping kids safe will be covered during this session.
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Session 1- Favorite iPad Apps Pre-K to 3rd Grade
Discussion Leaders: Laura Durns (@durns_laura) & Laurie Spencer (LSpencerSLP) Session 1: Room 24 Interactive discussion and demonstration on favorite apps to use with children (pre-K to 3rd grade of all abilities, subjects). Will include information on accessibility features of the iPad.
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Session 1 - Becoming a Connected Parent
Discussion Leader: Elissa Malespina (@SOMSlibrary) Session 1 - Room 26 What is a connected parent? We will discuss its many different meanings. Parents will also learn how to become a "connected" parent through the used of such tools as Twitter, Pinterest, Edmodo and more.
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Session 1 - What Your Kids Know That You Don't: Internet Safety For Parents
Discussion Leader: Dr Nicole Yetter (@NicoleMYetter) Session 1: Gym In this session, parents will: Understand the importance of the appropriate use of social networking sites Learn how to help if your child is being bullied or harassed online. Safety Tips Tools to aide their children in becoming responsible digital citizens.
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Session 1 - Transition to Middle School
Discussion Leaders: Michael Flynn (@PenndlaeMS) & Kristin O’Shea (@MrsOshea6) Session 1: Mod 4 The session will consist of a brief description of what to expect at the Middle School, followed by a question and answer period. Discussion on preparing and staying involved socially, emotionally and academically in your child’s education during the middle school years will be the focus of this session.
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Session 1 - Bridging the Gap Between Home & School: Creating High Functioning IEP Teams
Discussion Leaders: Dr Michele Rupp & Tiffany D’Amore Session 1 - Room 9 Perspsectives of a parent and administrator on inclusive education. Discussion will focus on aspects of a highly functional IEP team, creating collaborative partnerships between home and school, and the challenges that are faced through this process.
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Session 1 - The Blue Ribbon Experience
Discussion Leaders: Lisa Davis (@LisaODavis) & Tony Sinanis (Cantiague_Lead) Session 1 - IMC This session we will discuss the process of being selected as a national Blue Ribbon school. We will talk about the qualities of each facet of Cantiague life, from classroom experience to school culture, parent involvement to our principal/lead learner. Our intention is to share the core beliefs behind an exceptional school with truly exceptional teachers and staff.
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Session 1 - Satisfying your AppEtite
Discussion Leader: Brett Baker (@BakerBG) Session 1: Room 4 During this session, North Penn School District e-Learning Coach Brett Baker will share a variety of K-6 iPad apps for the home to support Math, Reading, Exploration, and Creativity. This will be a fast-paced session focusing on apps and app resources to enhance learning in all content areas. We will have iPads for participants to borrow during the session.
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Session 1 - Family Guide to Common Core Standards
Discussion Leader: Dr. Toni Butz (@butzto) Session 1: Room 3 In 2010, the Pennsylvania State Legislature adopted the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. School districts are required to adopt these new Common Core Standards in the 2013-14 school year. Learn more about what the Common Core Standards are and how these new standards will impact our students. Also, learn how parents can support student success with the new Common Core Standards.
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Session 2 - Twitter 101 for Parents
Discussion Leader: Glenn Yetter (@coachyetter) Session 2 - Room 26 Twitter 101 for Parents Join this session to learn more about Twitter! Session topics will include how to create an account, making of a good tweet, twitter lingo, and who to follow. Twitter can be just the parenting tool you have been looking for. Find out why this social media can conect you to the world!
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Session 2 - Optimizing Communication with your Child
Discussion Leader: Dr. Adam Berman Session 2: Room 4 Dr. Adam Berman, clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist will provide a parenting program on “Optimizing Communication with your Child.” The program examines some of the most common parental perceptions related to cooperation and respect within the family unit, and how perceptions might ultimately impact a child’s behavior. Dr. Berman will also discuss the importance of both parents and children being able to express what is important to each of them so that familial communication can be enhanced. An additional focus will be on how parents can attend to and assess their own self-respect so that they can feel more confident as they raise their children. Dr. Berman will provide specific examples of communication techniques that are both helpful and a hindrance when speaking to children and adolescents. The presentation will conclude with a question and answer session for the attendees.
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Session 2 - Lifelong Learning at your Library
Discussion Leaders: Tom Meyer (@LansdaleLibrary) Session 2: IMC Learn how your local library can help your children prepare for school, support them during their years in school, and keep your family learning throughout your lives. Resources specific to Lansdale Public Library will be discussed. With an overview of other library resources available in the region.
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Session 2 - What makes a real home-school partnership?
Discussion Leaders: Tony Sinanis (@cantiague_lead) & Joe Mazza (@joe_mazza) Session 2: Gym Principals Tony Sinanis (Cantiague Elementary) & Joe Mazza (Knapp Elementary) will share the core beliefs behind what makes the home-school partnership work. Texts such as Beyond the Bakesale (Henderson & Mapp 2008) will be used to share real examples on how educators and parents to build strong relationships that help students reach their potential.
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Session 2- A Guide to Speech and Language
Discussion Leader: Kelli Velazquez (@KelliVelazquez) Session 2: Room 24 This session will discuss typical speech and language development for the elementary population as well as some of the disorders of speech and language. The session will provide participants with a basic overview of the procedure when a concern is identified for a specific student. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion regarding speech and language.
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Session 2 - Supporting to RtII (Response to Instruction and Intervention) at Home
Discussion Leader: Amber Molloy (@edumolloy) Session 2: Room 9 RtII is one of the current buzz-words flying around schools across our country. Join us as we investigate the role of Response to Instruction and Intervention in your child's school. We will also discuss, most importantly, how you can support your child on their journey to become a life-long reader.
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Session 2 - On the Road to Kindergarten
Discussion Leader: Marisa Neeson, NPSD Pre School Outreach Coordinator Session 2: Room 3 Grab your passport and join us on the road to kindergarten! Marisa will share many exciting, everyday learning opportunities that are simple to do, yet effective in helping to prepare your child for kindergarten success. You will walk away with a suitcase full of fun and educational ideas focusing on kindergarten readiness!
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Session 2 - Substance Abuse: One Father's Story
Discussion Leader: Don Koffel Session 2: Room 25 After losing my son to an overdose, and attending numerous meetings with addicts across PA and TX; I want to share with parents that drugs are a real part of our children's lives. Warning signs, proactive measures to prevention will be discussed.
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Session 2 - Know Your Parental Rights, Ask An Advocate
Discussion Leader & #ParentCamp Keynote Melissa Bilash (MomCongressPA) Session 2: Room 23 I will be holding a question-and-answer session to help parents better understand their rights and the rights of their children in moving through the special education and gifted education process. While I cannot give advice on specific individual situations, I can share my experience as an advocate as well as my knowledge of Section 504, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and Pennsylvania's Chapters 14, 15, and 16 pertaining to special, regular, and gifted education. I also have extensive experience meeting with districts, reviewing IEPs, GIEPs, and progress monitoring, and helping parents work with their district to find a placement that meets their child's needs.
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Session 3- Developing Your Child’s Self Esteem
Discussion Leader: Amita Sood Session 3: Room 9 Self-esteem in your child plays a critical role in his/her success and happiness in life. It is the foundation of a child's well-being. Parents have the greatest influence on a child's belief about himself or herself. Letting your child know that he or she belongs, is doing well, and is contributing, can help him or her develop healthy self-esteem. That foundation can do much to help a child deal with difficult life issues as they are encountered in different phases of life.
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Session 3 - What Happens at the Boys & Girls Club?
Discussion Leader: Chrissy Kreamer, Director of NP Valley B&G Club (@NPVBGClub) Session 3: Room 5 This session will include information about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America's mission and core values. We will discuss the programs that local Clubs have throughout the year and their value with today's youth. There will be guest speakers who are current Club members and that will share their experiences at the Boys & Girls Club.
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Session 3 - Creating the Best Environment for Helping at Home
Discussion Leader: Jean Hoerr Session 3 - Room 4 Designed for parents and guardians of English language learners (ELLs) but all are welcome to attend! As parents and guardians, you are your child's first teacher. You can partner with the schools to help your child become successful in American classrooms using a few easy ideas. This session will consist of a power point presentation on organizing a space at home specifically for homework and what part parents play in getting the assigned work finished. We will also discuss ways to help pre-school students be more prepared for that very special first day in kindergarten. A question-and-answer period will follow the presentation.
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Session 3 - Staying Engaged as Your Child Travels Pre K-12 through NPSD
Discussion Leader: Christine Liberaski (@NPSD) Session 3: Room 3 Whether a new parent in North Penn School District (NPSD) or you've been here for years, you have multiple ways to be involved and informed. And as we all know, the more informed you are the more successful your children will be in school. The NPSD Office of School & Community Engagement is a hub of information and opportunities for you to learn about NPSD and become more engaged. This presentation will highlight what is available to the North Penn Community through this department and its efforts.
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Session 3 - Internet Safety & Potential Parental Mishaps
Discussion Leader: Lansdale Police Sergeant Dean Miller Session 3: Gym Learn about the “real world” of Internet Safety through the lens of our local DARE officer and Lansdale Police Patrol Sergeant. Understand how you can provide your children the safest opportunities to go online and participate in social media as well as where to locate your home computer. Leave this session with ideas on how to navigate the current risks exist for today’s families.
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Session 3 - Edmodo and Twitter - Student and Parent Engagement
Discussion Leader: Ed Brun (@edbrun) Session 3: Room 24 Edmodo and Twitter are being implemented in many classrooms across the country today. This session will allow for parents to become more familiar with how these two technolgy tools are used as learning and communication tools by teachers, students, and parents.
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Session 3 - Building Partnerships Through Live Streaming H&S Meetings
Discussion Leaders: Gwen Pescatore, Deb Rzepela-Auch, Meredith Mostochuk and other H&S members (@gpescatore25 @DeborahRzepela @mmostochuk) Session 3: IMC Families are busy and at times don’t have the ability to be physically present for monthly home & school meetings – yet these meetings can be an amazing place to build and strengthen relationships. By offering a live stream option, you open the doors to a larger audience to participate each month. It also gives you the flexibility to take your meetings anywhere where there is internet access. Join members of the Knapp Home & School Association as we share our live streaming experience (from both the hosting and attending lens), ways that it has helped improve participation and how it helps to break the image of the board being “a private club or clique”.
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Event Description

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, Knapp Elementary will host it’s second Parent Camp “unconference" for parents and teachers. It’s called an unconference because attendees will not simply sit through 40 minute sessions, then leave to go onto the next one. The idea behind the unconference movement is to create an ongoing discussion and build relationships amongst all in attendance while harnessing the expertise "in the room." 

There will be discussion leaders in each session, as all 20 sessions being offered are detailed here. Each session is geared toward Pre K-6 parents, and will be led by teachers, parents, leaders and community members.

Parent Camp is FREE and open to any parents & teachers in our personal learning network (PLN). Register today as space is limited for the November 2, 2013 event. If you're in the Philadelphia area, please join us!

Looking forward to seeing you at #ParentCamp!


#ParentCamp Schedule:

  • Registration/Breakfast: 7:30-8:30AM, Main Lobby
  • Keynote Dr. Adam Berman & #ParentCamp Groundrules: 8:30-9:15, Gym
  • Session 1: 9:20-10:00 
  • Session 2: 10:05-10:45
  • Networking Break 10:45-11:15, Gym
  • Session 3: 11:20-12:00
  • ParentCamp Smackdown: 12:05-12:30, Gym


Occurs on


02 November 2013

7:30 AM

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Knapp Elementary School
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Registered attendees should choose ONE (1) class for each SESSION for a total of THREE (3) classes for the day following the morning keynote address by Dr. Berman. Before each class lists Session 1, 2, 3. No need to show tickets at ParentCamp. Reservations are to monitor capacity and provide for attendee organization. For questions, please email to parentcamp@gmail.com, call Joe Mazza at 215-853-1515 or tweet at @joe_mazza. Thanks for being a part of the first #ParentCamp at Knapp Elementary.


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