Richmond Earth Day Youth (REaDY) Summit 2012

21 April 2012 08:00 AM till 01:00 PM

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Event Description

The Richmond Earth Day Youth (REaDY) Summit is open to students, educators and residents living in the Metro Vancouver. 


The Summit is a joint initiative by the City of Richmond, the Richmond School District, and the David Suzuki foundation. It is a youth-led event that encourages environmental stewardship through motivational speakers and inspiring workshops. This FREE conference is for local/regional youth and adult to nework in order to share effective practices and problem-solve common challenges.  It is also an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals around Earth Day issues.


Over 20 engaging sustainability speakers, presenters and exhibitors including:


  • Keynote speech by David Suzuki Foundation, CEO, Peter Robinson


  • Workshop on how to live a chemical-free life by David Suzuki's Queen of Green,
         Lindsay Coulter


  • A sustainable seafood cooking demonstration


  • Two workshops for Chinese-speaking audience by:
    • Fairchild Television news director, Todd Ye on 10 ways to stop climate change 
           in Mandarin
    • Zero-emission home builder, Arthur Lo on the benefits of applying green designs for 
           an energy-efficient home in Cantonese


  • The recent Richmond Museum's sustainability exhibit and the City of Richmond green's 
         vehicles will be on display along with several others


The goals of the Summit is to network, share and inspire action. 



Conference Schedule
08:00 to 09:00 Registration
09:00 to 09:45 Welcome and Keynote Speech
09:45 to 10:00 Break
10:00 to 10:45 Workshop Session 1
10:45 to 11:00 Nutrition Break
11:00 to 11:45 Workshop Session 2
11:45 to 12:00 Round Table Discussion
12:00 to 12:15 Break
12:15 to 13:00 Speech by youths
Round Table Discussion Report
Closing Speech


Workshop Title




Visualizing Climate Change
If CO2 emissions were black, we might have done something to reduce emissions much sooner.  But since they are "invisible", how can we make climate change - its causes, impacts, and solutions - visible and help motivate people to take action in their own neighborhoods?

Dr. Stephen Sheppard

University of British Columbia (UBC)


10 ways to reduce carbon emissions (in Mandarin)
Your individual actions do make a difference, even for big and serious problems like climate change.  But sometimes knowing where to start can be challenging.  Come learn 10 easy to reduce carbon emissions.

Todd Ye



Climate Change Showdown
The Climate Change Showdown is a program delivered in classrooms across BC. Come learn how to make behavioral changes to reduce your carbon footprint while learning about the effects of Climate Change in a fun and informative way.

Renate Stitch

British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA)


Organics and alternative fuel
This interactive presentation explores why wood is good, how pizza crusts make power, and things you can do to make a difference!

 Meredith Sorensen

Harvest Power


Energy and You - Sustainability In Action
The City of Richmond, recognized as BC's only PowerSmart leader municipality, continues to strive to reduce its energy and carbon footprints.  Through presentations and activities, join the City's Energy Managers and learn about future City goals and initiatives and how our community can do its part to reduce energy use.

Levi Higgs & Alen Postolka

City of Richmond


Solid Waste Management - A Local and Global Issue
Come learn about Metro Vancouver’s integrated solid waste and resources management plan's goal to reduce waste to 70% by 2015 through improving waste reduction, reusing and recycling to keep our waste out of landfill and waste-to-energy.  Students will show what and how to recycle at home and in school plus the take-back programs.

Paul Henderson, Jamie Ng & Celia Jiang

Metro Vancouver & McRoberts/Burnett Green Ambassadors


Sustainable transportation for our greenest cities
Imagine reduced traffic gridlock, cheaper hybrid or electric cars, communities designed for people not cars and green spaces every where.  Come learn how to achieve a sustainable future for our cities that encompasses green transportation and infrastructure.

Ian Bruce & Paul Cheng

David Suzuki Foundation – Transportation & Translink


Students Powering Real Change
The BC Hydro Energy Ambassadors will describe how to create outreach activities about
energy use and behaviors at the school and district levels.  Come learn about energy audits, behaviour surveys and energy conservation presentations.

Jennifer Callaghan & Mc Math Green Ambassadors

BC Hydro & McMath Green Ambassadors


Water Conservation - Why how and do
Come learn how conserving water can lower utility and water bills, help to prevent flooding, and sustain the natural environment.

Marina Melanidis, Bernard Ng & Alex McGregor

Burnett/McMath Green Ambassadors and Neptune


Anatomy of a Green Home (in Cantonese)
How do I increase the energy efficiency of my home? How do I ensure a healthier, comfier home for my family? What is a green home? The green home builder, Arthur Lo, will share with you his 16 years’ expertise on constructing energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes.

Arthur Lo

Insightful Healthy Homes Inc.


Steveston-London Green Features Tour
Come and join the students on a guided tour to learn and discuss the key features of Steveston-London`s modern, environmentally designed facility.

Jason Yip & Joey Tung

UBC and Steveston-London Green Ambassador


Small steps matter - let’s make less toxic, fragrance-free soap!
Small steps that start at home can help you protect nature. Rid your home of the toxic chemicals found in most cleaning products by making your own. Tested by the Queen of Green, we’ll make eco-friendly cleaning concoctions that are versatile, affordable and effective! Did you know that baking soda cuts grease, deodorizes, whitens and makes a great shampoo?

Lindsay Coulter

David Suzuki Foundation - Queen of Green


Get active in Richmond's Parks! Partners for Beautification and Nature Programs
Learn more about Richmond’s parks and how to become involved in preserving these special places for all to enjoy! This interactive workshop will create awareness of the rich natural areas and open spaces in our community as well as volunteer programs offered by the City of Richmond to help keep them clean, natural, and beautiful! Participants will be involved in planting a grove of trees in the park adjacent to Steveston-London School.

Paul Brar & Andrew Appleton

City of Richmond


Wetland Ecosystem Challenge
Learn more about wetlands and their value to the global ecosystems.  Discover life in the pond through hands-on activities including live sample of tiny wildlife.

Kathleen Fry

Ducks Unlimited


Green Gardening and Planting
Come learn about basics of natural home gardening including growing in containers.  Start a sunflower seed in a container to plant and care for at home.

Jill Wright

Vancouver Master Gardeners


Be The Change in Your School
Come learn about the Student Leadership in Sustainability program currently available in 18 Metro Vancouver Schools. Youth from the “Be The Change Interschool Club” will share their experience of working with this curriculum and the exciting process of mobilizing other students to take part in community actions.

Erin Leckie

Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA)


Leadership for Sustainability
In this fun, inspiring and interactive session, you will explore effective strategies to engage others - promoting understanding, awareness and action for sustainability at school and beyond! Receive practical resources to support your 'eco-school' leadership initiatives, including posters and tools to help out sustainability issues on the map at your school.

Karen Strobel, Bruce Ford & Youth4Action Student Leadership Team

Metro Vancouver Youth Sustainability Network (MVYSN)


Youth 4 Tap
Come learn the differences between tap water and bottled water

Aliya Dossa

Burnaby North Secondary School


Leadership: Communicating Your Message
Student lead workshop by Surrey Schools' Environmental Leadership Team.  Video, facebook, gmail, googledocs today's ambassadors for change and the tools of the 21st Century.  Bring your devices - one class where you will not be asked to put your smart phone away!

Susan Hunter-Jivung

Surrey School District


The best seafood is on your green menu
Choosing ocean-friendly seafood is a simple and effective way to help ensure that we have healthy oceans (and healthy humans) for generations to come. Join the David Suzuki Foundation and local culinary experts to learn why sustainable seafood is important to the future of our oceans as well as how to shop for and prepare sustainable seafood dishes.

Bill Wareham & Chef Ian Lai

David Suzuki Foundation - Marine & Seafood

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21 April 2012

8:00 AM

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Steveston-London Secondary School
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